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Laarkmaa has warned us that humanity simply must stand up and speak out against the injustices that are being perpetrated across the planet at this time. Some places have already begun with peaceful demonstrations and rallies.

Here is one that recently happened in Berlin.

Where we live, many of the police are actually joining forces with the protesters and refusing to participate in illegal or violent arrests, and some governmental officials are reversing decisions about 5G placement and other crimes against life. These are encouraging signs. But this is not the case everywhere––at least not yet. More protests and demonstrations must take place from now on until justice is reached.

In Australia, police brutality is becoming de rigueur. Sacha Stone speaks to the world, warning us that what happens in Australia will happen in the rest of the world if we don’t stand up now.

Likewise, Robert F. Kennedy talks openly about the lies, deception, media misinformation, and what is being planned to further the multiple agendas that are being planned.

Another valuable source also speaks about the plans that we must speak out against in the film Plandemic InDoctorNation.

Could it be any more clear? No one else is going to save us, although all of our space sisters and brothers are standing by to assist us in changing our world. Still, we are the ones who have to be responsible and act to stop what is sweeping the planet, as plans for ultimate control are rolled out.

Laarkmaa tells us that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. And what is the opposite of Love? FEAR. We simply cannot afford to be afraid of being fined, arrested, or having something taken away from us. Actually, standing up to say, “I DO NOT CONSENT” is a badge of honor, demonstrating that we will no longer simply comply with whatever illegal rules are being mandated and perpetrated against life and humanity.

No mandate has ever been given to any government to put an entire population on house arrest. Furthermore, if we stand together, we can overpower and overwhelm any forces that wish to control or arrest us

by our sheer numbers. There aren't enough of "them" to control “us.”

We simply have to get over the fear that they are stronger than we are or

more powerful than we are and start trusting that we can make a difference in defending our lives and our world.

September 26th is our next opportunity to stand together and protest 5G, which is at the root of the plan to take over humanity. Wherever you are, decide to take a stand, use your voice, and show up. The revolution against the taking of our freedom and our lives is up to us! And that revolution is here.

Join us for our International Live Call with Laarkmaa on Sunday, where Laarkmaa will share their interstellar perspective on what is happening globally.

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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