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Personal Session with Pia


Pia offers Intuitive Readings to explore and help resolve challenges or determine your next choices. As a retired clinical psychologist, alternative health practitioner, and the Receiver of wisdom from many realms, Pia’s insights are often uncanny and always supportive of your development and growth.



How Much Does a Personal Session with Pia Cost?
  • The exchange for an hour session is $150.

How Do I Schedule a Personal Session with Pia?

To book your session, click the "Book Now" button below to make an exchange of $150,

Once payment is complete contact Pia here to schedule a time. In your email, please include your name, telephone number with country code, and most convenient days and times for you.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are in North America, you must choose a morning time due to the time difference between North America and Europe. If you are in Australia, you must choose your evening time to accommodate the time difference.




If you have any questions contact Pia here.

60 minutes- $150

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