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January 2022 
Focus on Energy Healing



Healing and Energy Medicine; The importance of Nature; Looking at the whole person: Beliefs, Thoughts, Environment; How color effects our energy; Movement; The role of Water; The Ascension Diet; Differences between Light Worker, Light Mover and Light Bearer; "Seeing" Energy; Energy "Tools"; Spiritual Gurus; Energy "Sponges"; The Light Body; Prana vs Air; The Chakra System; The Body as a pendulum; Navigating Touch in a post C-19 inoculation world; Sound; Working with Crystals; Shape shifting; Energy Intelligence;


Woman Yoga posture
February 2022 
Nurturing the Physical Body



You are water beings; Dark energies; Effects of bio engineering; Food that cause inflammation; Natural Immunity; 5G; Schumann Resonance; Solar Minimum; Air purifiers; Love & Light; Inoculation; Ascension diet; DNA; Communicating with our bodies; Infusing water; Parallel lives integration; Pathological vs Evolutionary imbalances; Tapping; Sleep difficulties; Best times to connect with Spirit


(Darlene Tanner/Team Tanner Photography)

March 2022 
Healing Ourselves:
Metaverse vs. Sovereign Light Beings



Multiverse vs Metaverse; Synchronous Realities; The Agenda; Sovereign Consciousness; Heart Consciousness; Clearing the shadows of Fear; Becoming your future self; Accelerated Evolution; Energetic cords; The New Earth;  Evolution is about Energy!; Pleiadian meaning of Colors; Pillars of Light; Plasma; Lemurian Crystals; Channels; Light Language; Tones



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