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New Dawn - Special Issue
Vol 17 No 4

Featured two articles we consider critical information:
     Geoengineered Transhumanism

    Beware Dangers of Stem Cell Therapy

mercola.png - hosts important information and articles everyday.  The articles expire after 36 hours.  We believe these three articles should be available, so we share them here:
     Air Vaxx
      Blue Light Blindness
More Masks Masquerade


New Dawn - Special Issue
Vol 17 No 3
Artificial Earthquakes & Weat
her Modification:The New Terrorism?

To read, please click here.

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Dane Wigington

GEOENGINEERING on Climate Control:

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Chochran Review - January 30, 2023
Do physical measures such as hand-washing or wearing masks stop or slow down the spread of respiratory viruses? 

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Tucker Carlson Today - August 31, 2022
Tucker Carlson sits down with Ghent University professor Mattias Desmet to discuss "Mass Formation" (mob mentality) in this episode of 'Tucker Carlson Today.' 

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