The Essential 2022  Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar

by Pia Orleane, PhD, and Cullen Baird Smith, with Laarkmaa

Throughout the universe, all energy spirals in waves; energy does not move in a linear fashion. This fourth year of the revolutionary Pleiadian-Earth Energy calendar contains the instructions for activating greater consciousness, through orienting to energy rather than time. 

There are two types of energy that continually spiral, which you can follow in this calendar. The first type is Universal Energy, which you will see marked in blue on the right side of each day. The legend at the back of this calendar describes how to use the Universal energies, which begin anew every thirteen days.

The  second type is Earth Energy, which you will see listed at the bottom of each day on
the calendar.  Earth-Energies begin to shift at sunset each day, unlike our current concept
of starting a new day just after midnight. The legend on the back page supplies a brief
description of how to positively use each Earth Energy, as well as a listing of inappropriate
reactions to the energy that is present. 

This year’s calendar includes many pages of explanatory information, beautiful pictures, Laarkmaa quotes, and wonderful Pleiadian wisdom!

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ISBN 978-1-736-7035-2-6

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If you have trouble finding the calendar, email us here, and we will find a source for you!

Praise for the
Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar


We are very impressed with and grateful for the many valuable, substantive enhancements you made to the 2022 calendar particularly:

  • The list of Venus Phase Changes, with dates

  • The 13-Day Period Explanations- EXCELLENT!

  • The inclusion of the sacred directions, both on the page before the calendar begins and throughout the calendar on each day

  • Placing the list of Universal Energies before the Earth Energies

  • The inclusion of the full and new moon dates/times

  • The inclusion of the Solstices, Equinoxes and Collective Shadow Cycles



We love the page titled "The Pleiadian Gift". We consider this to be a highly valuable, succinct introduction to Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology. We intend to integrate this explanation into our consciousness to prepare ourselves for opportunities to share with others this "joyous experience of navigating your life through spiraling patterns of energy rather than time."  We consider finding your work with Laarkmaa to be one of the highly significant synchronistic events in our lives during this incarnation.  

Blessings of Love & Light,
- Jeff & Suzy S., USA

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Deepen your understanding: The accompanying book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology–Charting the Spirals of Consciousness won the Coalition for Visionary Resources Award for Divination Books!

Deepen your understanding of living your life in energetic harmony as you use the calendar for advancing your spiritual and conscious evolution.


  • Provides a Pleiadian perspective on how Universal and Earth energies influence us and the events in our lives.

  • Offers practical examples of how you can consciously use the energies prevalent on a given day to your personal, spiritual benefit. 

  • Shares cosmic wisdom teachings from the Pleiadian group known as Laarkmaa.