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Remedies Against Shedding

These remedies are listed in order of Food Based Natural to Anti-parasitic to Pharmaceutical. Please try the most natural remedies first before ingesting chemical pharmaceuticals.

Nano Soma™,  made from food rather than pharmaceuticals, can trigger our bodies to clear everything that does not represent ideal health. This  report by one Nano Soma™ user who took pictures of his blood during an episode of Vax Contamination, indicates the effectiveness in clearing contamination from the blood. Try it yourself, and see how you feel. Order your Nano Soma here.

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Ivermectin is an extraordinary molecule, given its range of actions and safety. Since its discovery it has saved millions of lives, yet health authorities have relegated it to the status of a treatment reserved for horses; this is because medicines which are in the public domain threaten the pharmaceutical industry.


Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective


There are few drugs that can seriously lay claim to the title of ‘Wonder drug’, penicillin and aspirin being two that have perhaps had greatest beneficial impact on the health and wellbeing of Mankind. But ivermectin can also be considered alongside those worthy contenders, based on its versatility, safety and the beneficial impact that it has had, and continues to have, worldwide—especially on hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people.

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Spike Protein Detox

From Dr. Peter McCullough

Base Spike Detox (BSD) 3-12 months of:
Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice daily
Bromelain 500 mg once daily
Curcumin (nano,liposomal, piperine) 500 mg twice daily

Take action into your own hands if having long C19 or # COVIDVACCINE syndrome.


NOTE: Do not take Nattokinase if you have thyroid issues or are allergic to soy.  Other safe and natural alternatives like Nano Soma™ are available.

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