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Pleiadian-Earth Energy     Workshop Level 2 with Pia

In this workshop, Pia will address karmic patterns–challenges and gifts – and how to use them, 20 Shadow Cycle themes and how to work with them, show you a shortcut for figuring out your own Shadow Cycles, discuss Shadow Cycles in relationships, and share how the Phases of Venus affect your personality, your challenges, and your path of evolution.

You will be in class with Pia for three days, an hour and a half each day of sharing:

Dates: Friday, November 10

             Saturday, November 11

             Sunday, November 12

Times: 8am- 9:30am- Pacific Time

             11am-12:30pm Eastern Time

             4pm- 5:30pm- UK time

             5pm- 6:30pm- Central European time

The exchange for this workshop is $425 if paid by November 1st.

After November 1st, exchange is $500

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Star spiral
Pleiadian-Earth Energy     Workshop Level 1 with Pia

Pia explains the Pleiadian-Earth Energy    Astrological System provided by Laarkmaa, presenting an in-depth look at this amazing astrological system!

This workshop was recorded March 25 - 27 2022. We are excited to make it available so more people have the opportunity to get to know Pia and  this astrological system.

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International Live Call Conversations with Laarkmaa

Bi-monthly International Live Calls offer you a chance to listen to wisdom from the stars. Laarkmaa invites you to participate in a discussion of the current energies and our responsibility in becoming the new humans. During the call you may ask questions that benefit everyone in the group.


Live Conversation information is sent the Sunday prior and again on the morning of the call to anyone who is signed up for the Laarkmaa email list (see home page to sign up).




Laarkmaa Pleiades
The Pleiadians 2 Day Online Conference
November 19 & 20  10am - 4pm PT | 1pm - 7pm ET

The first 2 day event dedicated to the star system, and beings from the Pleiades. We will be diving deep into Pleiadean awareness... from ET civilizations, the 'history' of this star system, The Pleiadean connection to Earth humans, the evolution of consciousness, messages from The Pleiades, Pleiadean light language and much more!

Brought to you by Star Codes & Portal to Ascension

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Laarkmaa Gathering in Sweden
October, 2020
Do You Wish to Share Laarkmaa with Your Community?


We would be delighted to bring Laarkmaa to you and your community through Zoom.

If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact Pia and Cullen by emailing


"I must say that the Heart  Gathering was OUT OF THIS WORLD EPIC for my Journey, it was really the first time I have felt energy of that high a vibration, when Laarkmaa first entered the room, A Loving Presence that I wished to feel forever, and never be with out filled every cell of my being... I appreciate all Pia and Cullen do; all my Love to you and to Laarkmaa, my Dear Friends. May you be blessed this day."

~ Jason

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