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heart in space

Virtual Online Gatherings with Laarkmaa

Offer your group the opportunity to connect with Laarkmaa.

Create a unique 2 to 3 hour conversation between your Group and our Inter-Stellar Friends.  Laarkmaa provides their perspective to your groups interests.  Each person in your group has the opportunity to communicate directly with Laarkmaa.

To schedule your Virtual Group Gathering, contact Pia and Cullen at For small groups, we ask a $425 minimum price for 2 hours. To make it equitable for your group, it is best to divide the fee by having at least 6 people to share the cost.


We ask a minimum price of $625 for a 3-hour gathering and require a minimum of 8 people who have questions for Laarkmaa.  We gladly accept more than these minimum fees. Please make a financial exchange according to your group's heart guidance and abundance!


These sessions are conducted in English. If you do not speak English, then you must locate a translator who can assist with the translation.



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