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VENUS: Accelerated Transmutation & Enhanced Communication!

On June 4, the first day of the 13-day period of Listening Earth Energy, we are strongly encouraged to spend as much time being quiet as possible, listening to cosmic messages that are arriving from multiple sources. It is not a time for focusing upon what isn't working in our lives or being pessimistic or critical of "what is." Listening Energy encourages us to nurture ourselves and listen quietly until we are intuitively guided to start anew with creative thoughts, ideas, or actions. It is in this energy that we meet with the Venus Star Point and the Phases of Venus, both of which are simultaneously changing today. The  influence of our twin planet, Venus, has a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives.


The Venus Star Point is not related to one's natal Venus or to Venus transits as Venus moves across one's natal chart. The Venus Star Point is a based on the astronomical movement of Venus in the sky. Venus rotates in the sky between her positions as a Morning Star and an Evening Star every nine and a half months (the length of human gestation here on Earth!) In each nine and a half month period, Venus goes through thirteen Phases of varying length. These Phase Changes and Star Point positions can be viewed as part of the dualistic nature of our personal make-up, as well as the general "mood" of Venus affecting us collectively.


June 4th is an important moment because not only does Venus change Phases (into the Phase of Transmutation), but also because She changes points on the star she makes in her movements from her current position as the Morning Star in the Venus Star Point of Leo to the Evening Star in the Venus Star Point of Gemini.


These changes on June 4 speak volumes about the evolutionary "push" Venus is giving us as She moves around our shared Sun. The energy of Gemini brings the potential for swift transference of information via communication systems. Externally, this can mean increasing and controlling influences on how we communicate, forcing us to use digital technology more than person to person interaction. However, while these methods of communicating are being heavily influenced or controlled by outside forces, our ways of communicating telepathically are increasing. We just have to get quiet and listen to our intuitive guidance, as the Pleiadian-Earth Energy of Listening is encouraging us to do.


The Venus phase of Transmutation can bring feelings of being pulled apart or stretched, as we are forced to confront everything we have failed to see about who we really are and who we are truly becoming! It is a time when we are being encouraged to truly understand the unending continuity of life and to demonstrate that understanding for others through how to we deal with loss or loneliness while making peace with all transitions. It is important to maintain the perspective that all of Life is about change, and everything we have known and that is familiar to us is and will continue to transmute into something else as we evolve. This phase of Transmutation lasts until July 20, when Venus brings us face to face with the energy of Rebirth.


In addition to the Venus changes introduced on June 4, we have a Solstice occurring this month on June 20th at 20:51 UTC. Solstices help us to remember our connection to light. The veil between this world and other worlds is easier to penetrate, and Nature spirits, angels, and interstellar friends can reach us more readily, if we are quiet and listening. In the Southern hemisphere, this Solstice is a time of inner awakening. In the Northern hemisphere, this Solstice is a period of re-birth and regeneration, as we begin the start of a new Solar cycle.


Whatever your experience as these influences touch your life, remember that both our Sun and the planet Venus are helping us to bring more light into our transitional process of evolution. The more we consciously work with these energies, the more we will develop and evolve.


With kindness, compassion, and love,



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