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Our Greatest Threats:

The greatest threats to our existence at this time are the continued alliance with Artificial Intelligence,  the 5 & 6G Satellites orbiting our planet, and the devices which we continue to use: Smart Phones, Wi-Fi, and other Spy Tool technologies connected through the Internet of Things.  Following these threats, we continue to be harmed through the effects of Shedding from people who blindly accepted the jab during the COVID-19 Plandemic and from being sprayed with toxic materials. However, new treatments against Shedding are now available to counteract these toxic and detrimental effects.



No device can completely eradicate the deleterious effects of our current 5G saturated environment. The best protection is to remove yourselves from any 5G technology, including Smart Phones, Cell Phone Towers, and Wi-Fi. Some protection is provided by the following devices, but do not depend upon them to keep you completely safe in a 5G environment.

Defense of Planet Earth


Blushield USA


Blushield UK

Blushield Australia

Earthcalm Whole House Protection (US)

Somavedic (EU)

Geocleanse (AU)

Grander Living Water Pendant (US)

Sources for the Hidden Truth

The Connection between AI and COVID:

During the Clinton Administration in America, the US Congress passed a law that actually makes it illegal for cities and states to regulate cell phone technology on the basis of health.  This was an important step in many planned stages of moving towards a technological society ruled by AI, not humans.  As Cullen wrote so succinctly in his Blog Techno Virus,  the COVID Plandemic we collectively experienced was not a contagious virus (although the effects of the jab and shedding can appear to be viral). The illness we have been collectively experiencing including the term Long COVID,  is directly related to increased radiation poisoning from 5G and other EMF and electrical fields blanketing the Earth. Documented evidence of how radiation poisoning mimics various illnesses can be found in Arthur Firstenberg’s book The Invisible Rainbow, an essential exposé on the connection between our declining health and the 5G and other electronic devices emitting constant radiation that is poisoning us.


We have been trained “to feel comfortable holding devices that emit microwave radiation directly against our brains,” says Firstenberg.  His book is an essential guide to understanding our current global situation. The act passed by Clinton’s Congress was a big step in the Agenda to reduce the human population that we are experiencing today under the guise of the Corona Virus and its deceptive pleas for fake vaccinations that did more harm than good.  The ultimate Agenda plan incorporates both severely decreasing population and enslaving the remaining humans who have managed to evade or correct the imposed toxicity in their bodies. Enslavement is promoted through continual enticement to connect with AI devices, under the guise of “making our lives easier and more stress free.”  The truth about connection with AI devices is that we are being trained to make choices that encourage our dependence upon Artificial Intelligence to solve our problems or give us information rather than using our own gift of critical thinking. Such addictive choices and behaviors are leading to species eradication or enslavement. Think about the choice you are making when you depend upon Alexa or your Smart Phone!


To illustrate the connection between technology and human illness or decline, notice these particular parallels:


2019 COVID 19 Pandemic -  the beginning of the rollout of 5G in Wuhan, China and other cities around the globe and the increased launching of 5G satellites into space.


1968 Hong Kong Flu Pandemic - the year the satellite era began.

1957 Asian Flu Pandemic - the radar era began.

1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic - the radio era began with radio stations emitting powerful LF and VLF frequencies across the planet.

 1889 Pandemic of Influenza - the modern electrical era began when Westinghouse acquired Tesla’s alternating current patents and put them to use in generating electricity to every home.

Lie/Truth signs

Below are some alternative news sources that can supply additional information about what is currently happening on our planet, but without the foundational understanding provided in Techno Virus and The Invisible Rainbow, these sources only address the surface of our global situation.





THE HIGH WIRE with Del Bigtree:




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