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More and more people are asking, “What can we do to protect ourselves and our environment?” as they become more aware of the deleterious effects of 5G and the increasing number of satellites orbiting our planet, sending out waves that interrupt our natural biological functioning. 5G causes the cells in our bodies to spin in the opposite direction from what is needed to absorb oxygen, which leads to illness, and potentially to death.

The Geochemical engineering that is causing major storms and interfering with our own planet’s magnetosphere is contributing to global food shortages. Together, these two environmental hazards of Geochemical engineering and 5G threaten not only our lives, but all life on the planet, as well as the planet herself!

But as new dangers arrive on a daily basis, new solutions are born. Now there is a wonderful and effective protection for our food, our plants, our animals, and ourselves available from Nano Soma called DPE, which stands for Defense of Planet Earth.

DPE devices help all of your plants grow and increase crop yields in our globally depleted soils. The investment in a DPE device is an excellent community project so that you and your friends and neighbors can help build a healthier world as you protect yourselves.

Many of you are like Cullen and me and cannot afford such an expensive protection. However, in community it could be possible! We just want you to be aware that positive healing energies are arriving to mitigate potential hazardous circumstances. If you decide to invest in this amazing piece of protective technology, please use this link to order your DPE device; a portion of each sale goes to support the work we do with our Pleiadian friends, Laarkmaa.

For more details of the DPE devices and their powerful capabilities to protect your environment from extreme EMF interference and wild storms, this video is available. And please remember to order here so that

you contribute to speading Laarkmaa's wisdom while protecting yourself and helping the planet!

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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