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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The Truth about 5G, Techno-Virus, and the lies to manipulate humanity

In light of the current circumstances on Earth and the unfolding of more and more truthful information amidst the lies we are constantly told, I have coined the term Techno-Virus for the current pandemic. A Techno-Virus is an intentionally induced condition; it is not a medical or biological virus in and of itself. The Corona Virus has been around since the dawn of time. The one percent who control humanity at this time are using the Corona Virus as an excuse for what they are creating with 5G technology. They have planned the timing of this pandemic, which furthers their agenda of incremental, substantial, and controlling advances, with careful precision.

The implementation of 5G technology will irreparably ruin our ability to defend ourselves against biological abnormalities. It changes the homeostatic balance that the immune system manages and controls, thereby making us susceptible to more and more viral and other illnesses. 5G was implemented during a period of increased Cosmic Rays, setting the stage for a virus to be planted in places where these influences are doubly impacted and more profound: Wuhan, Milan, and other 5G cities.

While I believe the Corona Virus is a real biological event, I do not accept the standard lies that it is new or that it is life threatening. The deaths that have occurred from this virus have almost exclusively been in populations that already had compromised immune systems and underlying medical conditions. Perhaps we need to consider if these deaths are truly due to a virus, or if those who die simply choose to leave the planet at this time. Many people do not want to be here as their long-held beliefs about reality are being fractured or broken. Laarkmaa has been telling humanity for a very long time that we need to stop 5G. They warned us that 5G would indeed annihilate all life on Earth. As recently as December last year, Laarkmaa warned that the world was about to face an unprecedented challenge.

The presence of a virus is not what is important, although I am not diminishing the severity of personal loss. What is important is our ability to recognize the entire truth, what I call "the big picture" and respond with the integrity and wisdom that come from understanding the whole truth. Perhaps the most important thing we need to do in this evolutionary time is to learn to discern truth from lies by listening with our hearts. The one percent are quite adept at using compassionate words to lure us into thinking that they care. They don't. When we listen with our hearts, we can hear the spiritual call to take back our power of choice, respond rather than react, and make choices that are for the highest good of all. This is what Laarkmaa has always encouraged us to do.

Many people are addressing the issues that have been covered up while the Collective has been lulled into a false belief that our governments actually care about their citizens. Pia and I have gathered these informative links for you to consider. Each one has a valuable piece of information:

David Icke shows us the hidden long-range plans that have been in effect for decades and are affecting us now.

Sasha Stone, who brought us the first accurate video about 5G, has a few important things to say about the current condition.

Pia's most recent Blog also offers an excellent perspective.

For those who wish to explore the medical implications of correctly detecting Corona Virus in depth, spend some time with Dr. Thomas Cowan.

Arthur Firstenberg, founder of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, wrote a wonderful expose of why the "facts" about this virus don't add up to the truth. He summarized by saying this:

"Regardless of the origin or severity of the respiratory virus that is called COVID-19, the rollout of 5G is playing a large role in the current pandemic. Fear, social isolation and the shutdown of society are doing far more damage to the fabric of life than the virus ever could. It is time for society to get over its obsession with this microorganism and to turn to the emergency posed by wireless technology, on Earth and in space."

Pia and I agree with Firstenberg. We believe the truth is that we are experiencing an intentional Techno-Virus, with very real symptoms, to take our attention away from what is really going on, while the one percent secretly and surreptitiously install their instruments of death and take away our freedom. We are distracted by untruths, fake news, and concerns about a false enemy. We should not be distracted. The real enemy is the agenda to keep us in the illusion so that we cannot discern the real truth. We should be paying attention, listening with our hearts, and making compassionate choices that promote our health, our freedom, and our evolution.

Please join Pia and me as we do our best to help others see the big picture about this intentionally planned Techno-Virus. Fighting false illusions in unity is our only way to address and positively change this crisis. We can make a difference by sharing the truth with others and making higher vibrational choices together.

Love and light,


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