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Light Bearers Unite!


Laarkmaa tells us an important part of bringing in the new reality is connecting with other Light Bearers.


“You chose to be here for a reason. Use your energy to connect with others as often as possible so that you can become a unifed group. Individual aspects of you will reflect back and forth to each other so you can become a more powerful unified whole to assist the evolution of humanity into the new humans and to help the ascension of the earth.” ~Laarkmaa


To find Light Bearers near you, please click on the name of the area to review the list of those who would love to gather and usher in the new reality.  Feel free to email those on the list.



If you wish to be contacted by Light Bearers in your area, please email with your name, city, state (province or county), country and your email address. You may add a short note as well.

Help us bring in the new reality! Add your name to the list! If a location is not clickable it is because no one in the area has requested to be listed! Be the first!










If you are hosting a gathering of Light Bearers, consider beginning your gathering with Laarkmaa's Heart Meditation that is available on YouTube. 


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