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Pleiadian Wisdom for Times of Evolutionary Shift and Change
~ from Laarkmaa ~

We Bring Wisdom From the Stars


Laarkmaa is a loving group of interstellar beings who contacted Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith many years ago. They define themselves as "one of six and six of one", meaning that they have both individual aspects and a unified consciousness. Using the Pleiades as a base for helping humanity, they communicate with Cullen and Pia, heart to heart, through the energy of love.


Messages from Laarkmaa help us sow the seeds of conscious choice for change. With integrity, grace, love and generosity of heart, Laarkmaa provides the keys to our own freedom and gives guidance for aligning with universal truth.

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Friday, November 10

Saturday, November 11

Sunday, November 12


8am- 9:30am- Pacific Time

11am-12:30pm Eastern Time

4pm- 5:30pm- UK time

5pm- 6:30pm- Central European time

The exchange for this workshop is $425 if paid by November 1st.

After November 1st, exchange is $500

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OracleDeck-Pleiadian Wisdom

  2023 Coalition for Visonary GOLD Awards in 2 categories: Wisdom Cards & Inspirational Cards 


UK Esotoracle Magazine lists The Original Pleiadian Wisdom Oracle Cards
as a "Must Have" Deck!

Level 1 is NOT a prerequisite

It is time for humans to step into planetary and galactic responsibility—and it all begins within each one of us, in every choice we make.  Together, in powerful amplification of what we create individually, we weave threads of conscious intention and loving choice to create a beautiful tapestry of manifested reality that will carry us into the New Earth. 

For more Evolutionary Support,
Pleiadian Laarkmaa

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Wisdom from the Stars    Trilogy
Available here.

Website trilogy- Wisdom from the Stars
Coalition for Visionary Awards Winner 

 Coalition for Visionary Awards Winner 

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We trust you will find Laarkmaa's and our books useful on your journey. Your purchase helps support the spread of Love, Light, and Unity Consciousness.  read more

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