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Laarkmaa is a loving group of interstellar beings who contacted Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith many years ago. They define themselves as "one of six and six of one", meaning that they have both individual aspects and a unified consciousness. Using the Pleiades as a base for helping humanity, they communicate with Cullen and Pia, heart to heart, through the energy of love.


Messages from Laarkmaa help us sow the seeds of conscious choice for change. With integrity, grace, love and generosity of heart, Laarkmaa provides the keys to our own freedom and gives guidance for aligning with universal truth.

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It is time for humans to step into planetary and galactic responsibility—and it all begins within each one of us, in every choice we make.  Together, in powerful amplification of what we create individually, we weave threads of conscious intention and loving choice to create a beautiful tapestry of manifested reality that will carry us into the New Earth. 

“I want to thank both of you for leading the way, all these years!  You have been such stellar examples of how we should live, during this process of becoming the "New Humans.""
––BS, California, USA
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for my child's chart! It was very validating on many aspects that I knew about her and helped me see things in a new way for her. It also helped relieve some of my anxiety about making decisions for her and knowing how to support her on her journey.”
––MF, Australia
"Thank you both for helping me to find my true self. I am so grateful."
––A.M., Sweden
“I simply would like to say thank you. I receive so much joy when I hear your voices and see your faces on your YouTube channel. Thank you for the amazing and inspiring love and dedication that you put in your work.”
––RL, Canada

“Pia and Cullen are extremely wise beings here on Planet Earth at this time. Their wisdom radiates out in the form of light, rippling throughout the Universe. Their insights are tremendously helpful in navigating our chaotic and challenging world.”
––C.G., OBE, UK

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