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Messages from Venus: Preparing for a New Cycle

Venus Morning Star in Leo


For the last nine months we have been under the influence of Venus in her position of Evening Star in Scorpio. We have also experienced the excruciating pressures of Pluto and Uranus bearing down upon us. This combination of energies has been pushing us to transcend our challenges; yet we may have felt like we were too stuck to move. Venus in her position as Evening Star, gave us the experience of receiving. Most of us have received challenge after challenge, and sometimes it may have felt almost as though we had no voice in what was happening to us. The only thing we may have had control over is our attitude. Venus in Scorpio fulfilled her promise to reveal remaining shadows. She gave us the necessity to be transparent, the opportunity to view death as part of life, and the chance to release whatever secrets we may have been holding in our hearts or in our heads. We have had ample opportunities to view everything ugly or uncomfortable about ourselves as humans. We had the opportunity to be transparent with one another in our suffering.

In her new position of Morning Star in Leo, Venus will not only encourage us to change, but will make us want to dance with joy in the process! Venus in Leo reflects abundance. We are likely to feel an increase in light, creativity, the use of will, the abilities to fight for justice, and the openness of our hearts. While the Evening Star is receptive in nature, the Morning Star energy is initiating. Venus may now bring increased rage at injustice, a more profound ability to act from our hearts, and the opportunity to battle with love when necessary to bring light into darkness. We are not going to simply sit by and receive what we are given any longer. We are going to act to change things.

To give you a glimpse of the potency of Venus in Leo, think back to the period known as “the Harmonic Convergence” in August of 1987.* Venus first appeared in Leo that year, calling all spiritual light movers to raise their consciousness. Many people may recognize that period, or soon thereafter, as a time when they “woke up.” A previous Venus in Leo period brought forth the French and the American Revolutions and the founding of America as a nation. What revolutionary changes are we going to make as Venus moves into Leo now, in August of 2015? What are we going to fight for? What is going to make us dance? Where will our consciousness go as we rush towards the energies of more light, more love, and more connection to one another?

Venus’s movement from Evening to Morning Star is quite abrupt, and it is often recommended not to make any major decisions or changes during the four-day period of her ascent into the Morning Star position. She begins this transition on August 11 and arrives in her Morning Star position on August 15. We may feel strong emotions or foggy confusion during the sudden movement of this celestial body who affects our experience of Duality here on Earth.

Once in her new position, Venus will give us the ability to radiate energy like the Sun, inspiring others with our own light. The pathway to unity becomes more visible, as we light it with the love within our own hearts. We are being called to embrace the spirit of Inlakesh (“I Am Another Yourself”), to assess and serve the needs of those who are in pain, and to open our hearts fully and completely to one another.

In my next Venus message, I will give you a deeper look at the phases Venus will move through as we experience her energy in Leo. If you have a wish to understand more about your own energetic makeup and how you are personally affected by the energies of Venus, Universal energies, and the energies of life on Earth, request a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart.


* I wish to acknowledge Arielle Guttman’s fabulous research on the Venus Star

and her influence upon my own work.

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