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Pleiadian-Earth Energy   Charts


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A Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart shows you the energies you brought to Earth individually and as part of the collective of humanity, answering such questions as:

  • What is my purpose?

  • Why do I have certain challenges?

  • How can I transcend problems?

  • How do I relate to others?

  • What are my karmic blocks and how can I resolve them?

Pia Orleane is the creator of the Pleiadian-Earth Energy     Chart, which maps your individual journey on Earth. Each chart reveals the interweaving of your individual energies with those of the whole collective. Building on information provided by Laarkmaa, years of studying Mayan Calendar energy (as given to the Maya by the Pleiadians), and her own intuition, Pia provides an intricate look into the energy of Who You Are.


As a Certified Venus Star Point® teacher and practitioner, Pia adds guidance from Venus to help you understand your own energy and your relationships with others. In your chart, you can see the roles of specific people in your lives, as well as how you they feed you or you feed them. The flow of Venus energy shows us how to think with the heart, rather than with the mind.


A Pleiadian-Earth-Energy     Chart differs from other astrological charts by integrating the energies of our own planet, Earth, with the influences of Venus and cosmic energies as explained by the Pleiadians.

Pia is the only practitioner in the world to use this system of astrological insights. Pleiadian-Earth Energy Charts are individually crafted, not computer generated. Pia spends 6 hours on each chart, weaving together the pattern of energies that describe your life and answering questions to help you evolve. Particular cycles of growth and evolutionary work are defined, with suggestions for how to move through and transcend challenging patterns. A new way of counting energy, rather than time, is explained within your chart, so that you can navigate life more efficiently. 

Purchasing Pleiadian-Earth Energy    Charts

To receive a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart, please use one of the purchase options below. Your confirmation email will contain questions that are required to complete the chart. Please reply to the confirmation email to begin the process. 



  • The mysteries of Venus cycles in your life

  • Are you a Morning Star or Evening Star in Earth's duality?

  • Description of the energy that guides your personal path of evolution

  • Personal shadow cycles for transformation & evolution

  • Relationship guidance through Venus and the Pleiades

  • Empowering, compatible, mysterious or challenging energies

  • Transformational periods for the collective of humanity

  • Answers to specific life questions

  • One hour telephone consultation with Pia

  • Your place in the 13 Universal energies

  • Your orientation on earth through the directions

  • Your personality as part of the 20 Earth energies

  • Challenges and gifts of your Earth personality

  • Influence of societal patterns from your birth

  • Your resonance with specific color energies

  • Your focus of conscious awareness

  • Karmic tendencies and deep drives

  • Your life's purpose as defined by energy

  • Vortex days on planet Earth

  • Resources for further study





"My reading was beautiful, and I am thankful for the universe opening this opportunity to me. The chart helped me to see that there is flow and a synergy to everything. That would be helpful to anyone seeking higher awareness."

         –Donna, Canada

"Thank you so much for my chart! It does resonates so much more with me then a classic horoscope , and I do recognize myself in all of what you say. It makes a lot of sense. The best advice I have EVER had!"

      –M.M., Belgium


"I'm so impressed with this. It resonates so well and is so much easier to understand than most systems. It's coming from a different perspective, and that's what I like. It's like I'm coming home.

          – S.B., Washington State, U.S.A.

Once you purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a few questions. Please respond to the email so that work on the chart can begin.

"This is some very high level information. The Pleiadians gave the Cherokee and the Maya an understanding of the sequential presentation of energy that Pia explains in her charts. A one-hour, recorded consultation accompanying the extensive chart is part of the service. In Pia's consultation, there is such wisdom coming through. My chart and consultation gave me a lot of peace of mind and clarity."

      – Anthony King, United Kingdom

"What a beautiful, beautiful gift! I never expected this chart and consultation to be so profound. Pia's work is like no other chart–it is mindshifting!"

– Gaile, Texas, USA

"I've had astrological charts done in the past that never really made sense or gave me any greater understanding. The chart Pia did for me seemed to do that. The way the information was explained really helped me with questions I've had all my life."

         –Michelle, Australia

"All astrologers I know of offer a traditional Earthly perspective, whereas Pia is solely unique, giving a more expansive Pleiadian perspective of our place in the cosmos and bringing us into new paradigm awareness and understanding. Thank you, Pia, for the brilliant chart for my granddaughter!"

         ­–Ruthanne, America

Other Types of Pleiadian-Earth Energy   Charts



A Relationship Chart defines the exchange of energy between two people. In-depth relationship study requires previous individual charts of each person as a basis for examining the combined energy of their relationship.


Includes Shadow Cycles for transformation and evolution in the relationship. Indicates dates when partners are more easily triggered by one another or when old reactive emotional patterns arise within the relationship. Offers ways to move beyond disharmony and into love.


Understanding children's gifts and challenges helps parents guide their evolutionary growth. 


Please make separate purchases for each child. The confirmation email has a series of questions for your child. NOTE: Respond to the questions in the confirmation email so that work on Child's Potentials may begin. 


Descriptions of potent times for breaking away from dysfunctional beliefs and patterns using individual evolutionary guidance.

* Included in Full Pleiadian-Earth Energy Charts


Using a combination of Pleiadian, Venus, and Earth astrological principles, Pia provides an individualized perspective on auspicious times for future planning and insights into your current challenges.

*A Personal Consultation is included in the full Pleiadian-Earth Chart. It also can be used to ask further questions after a chart has already been provided.

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