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We are told that something called Coronavirus is threatening the world.

But the real virus we are facing is FEAR, not a made-up story about the dangers of a man-made biological virus. We are running away from the truth, throwing away our own power, as we allow Fear to define us. Fear is more contagious and more deadly than any biological virus. Fear has become the overwhelming and prevailing atmosphere globally in all our societies. And that is on purpose. Those who seek control over humanity do so by heightening our fear so that we become more compliant and controllable. It is time that we look beneath the shadows that lurk all around us and uncover the agenda that is promoting this viral spread of Fear.

The facts about COVID simply don’t add up. More and more scientists, hospitals, doctors, and nurses are speaking up, denying the reports of increased numbers of COVID cases or COVID deaths. The truth is that real COVID deaths are equal to or less than any flu that we have ever experienced. The agenda to spread Fear encourages us to believe that COVID is deadly, while discouraging any thoughtful investigation of the real facts. There is a gigantic discrepancy between what we are told by government and media and what is showing up as real reports from reliable sources of an alternative truth. Laarkmaa tells us to keep our hearts open, stand up for the truth, and speak out. Masked by global governmental regulations, this becomes much more difficult to achieve. So why are we succumbing to wearing masks––sometimes in the most ridiculious of situations, like in the privacy of our own cars or homes? To see the effects of wearing masks and breathing in our own exhaled CO2, take a look at this from Collective Evolution;

And this.

Germany’s response to mask injunctions can be witnessed here:

Our public school systems have become more concerned with compliance rather than with education. Take a look at this.

And the education that does occur seems to have a very big agenda behind it––to make our children trust the establishment more than their own hearts or their own natural intuition. There has long been an agenda to separate children by habituating them to communication via text and computer, rather than real-life contact of speaking to each other in person with actual eye contact. By now, many of them trust machines and Google more than they rely upon or trust their teachers, parents, or friends. Haven’t we seen such tactics before? Hitler turned an entire generation of kids into Nazis. And now there are undercurrents, if not outright obvious evidence, of the same agendas being played out again. We are living in a very Nazi like environment, experiencing an identical situation in this fascist atmosphere. It is imperative that we stand up and refuse to participate with dark intentions that are planned for coercing children and adults alike into sheep-like behavior, being herded into ignorant conformity.

The control and offence to humanity about forcing the wearing of masks, ill-advised lockdowns, and the spread of infectious Fear are built upon an expectation that we will believe obvious untruths about anything government or media tells us. This is intentional, as we are sure you are aware. This battle is much larger than fighting the wearing of masks or the taking away of our liberty––or even about COVID. All of these things are being used to raise people’s Fear levels. In fact, as already stated the real virus is Fear, and all other tactics are simply tools to heighten people's fear so that they become more controllable.

More and more people are sharing the truth about the larger agenda––the agenda to control or eliminate the human population in favor of Artificial Intelligence. The controllers are the same people who have manipulated our finances for years, keeping us locked into a slave society where we must continually work more and more hours to meet our own needs. These are the same people that created and released biological warfare agents against humanity. These are the same people that are working to create a vaccine that will cause more illness and death. These are the same people who instituted 5G global satellites to beam high EMFs that interfere with the oxygen uptake in our bodies, confuse our minds, and dampen our spirits. These are the same people that are enforcing separation, social distancing, and lockdowns globally in attempts to keep us from joining together to stand up against this heinous attack against all life. To understand how long the Plandemic to eliminate human life has been in effect, journalist Millie Weaver produced a video called Shadow Gate.

To see how justice is threatened by journalists who uncover and share the truth about the agenda, watch this video about Millie’ arrest:

The below video has just been released, interviewing scientists and doctors worldwide to discuss what is really going on behind the scenes: Watch it before it is removed from public view.

Disclosure about WHO’s (World Health Organization) involvement in COVID as a planned training exercise can be seen here:

For truth about the long and deadly Vaccine Agenda, invest $12 in this movie. It is well worth it!

More information on the 5G- Corona connection from a Spanish source can be viewed here.

And Green Med shared a wonderful video about 5G and the Corona connection. You can view it here.

For those who still feel that extra care is necessary and required against COVID (which, of course, is reasonable and realistic when threatened by any real virus, even to the common cold), follow Sweden’s lead.

There is great dissension in the UK about enforced lockdowns, showing us how we can make a difference by speaking up together:

Individually, we can begin to make a difference. Collectively we change the world. We share with you these videos from reliable sources to shine light into the lies being spread by the dark forces. Watch and share, and then make your own choices and decisions––while you still can––about how to stand up and fight. Above all, please do not succumb to the Real Virus––Fear. Rise above it by seeing the truth and taking action. Talk to your friends. Share the truth. And listen to your own hearts, not the wishes of the 1% controlling the media.

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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