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Many people are experiencing deleterious effects of being around people who have opted to receive the inoculation. It doesn’t really matter if it is a family member whom you love or a stranger at a supermarket; the effect of being around them is the same. Transmission between the Covid-19 immunized and the un-immunized is causing Adverse Reactions in people who did not take the injection. Experts revealed that transmission is happening at a rapid rate and without skin to skin contact. Many medical experts are speaking out, calling for those who have received the inoculation to be quarantined because of transmission. Whether you agree with that theory or not, we are all being affected from being around those who have taken the material into their bodies and are now shedding it into ours. The transmission is believed to be airborne, but may also be transmitted through skin to skin contact. The method of transfer is unclear at this point, but is certainly happening.

Nature has provided an antidote for this transmission of toxic poison in the form of Pine Tea, which is not only healthy but delicious! Below I share information excerpted from Dr. Ariyana Love’s recent article about Pine Tea, including links to how to make the tea and how to choose the proper evergreen tree for its health benefits.

Suramin is the pharmaceutical version of Shikimic Acid called Shikimate. It has been available to the medical profession for almost 100 years, and it is found naturally in Pine, Spruce, Fir and Cedar needles. Dr. Judy Mikovits explained in a censored interview that you can get enough of the *antidote* by drinking pine tea, which inhibits the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. It also offers an inhibitory effect against blood platelet aggregation and clotting. This magical natural tea has been used medicinally worldwide for thousands of years.

Now we, the people, have the power to reclaim our own health because Nature has offered us, free of charge in Nature or at a local health food store or online in the US or the EU, the antidote to what is being transmitted from inoculated people, and it is readily available in the form of pine needle tea.Anyone can now take advantage of this solution by making pine needle tea, an antidote that is freely available today in evergreen forests and in many people’s backyards.

A list of know properties of Pine Needle Tea are listed below:

· Analgesic

· Anti-inflammatory

· Antimicrobial

· Antiseptic

· Antitussive

· Antiviral

· Aromatic

· Astringent

· Decongestant

· Detoxifying

· Disinfectant

· Diuretic

· Expectorant

· Immuno-modulating

· Improves circulation

· Invigorating

· Lymphatic

· Relaxing

· Relieves nervous exhaustion and fatigue

· Relieves sore muscles

· Restorative

· Tonic

Here is how to make Pine Tea. Personally, we find it not only healthy, but delicious, and we drink it every time we go out in the world! Three cups a day is a maintenance health-building dose.

Warning. Please learn to recognize the trees in your environment before you harvest them yourself. Some evergreens are not edible.

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