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Dear Friends,

Our aboriginal sisters and brothers in Australia have requested that

we join our energy with theirs during their ceremony to "Reactivate

the Solar Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth with the Sun." The ceremony

will be held at Uluru in Australia on January 12, 2020. Astrologers

will recognize this date as the Saturn Pluto conjunction that happens

only every 300 years, in addition to conjunctions involving Mercury

and the Sun.

The time of the ceremony is 11:30pm in Uluru, which is 7am MST in

the USA and 2:00pm in London. Laarkmaa teaches us that time is

liquid, so if you cannot participate at this specific time, please choose

a time on January 12th where you can close your eyes and visualize

participating with this Cosmic Activation Reconnection Ceremony.

To assist and support the healing of the World Solar Plexus Chakra,

we are suggested to use these words:

Let the sun shine on Uluru and Kata Tjuta,

Let the Pathway of the Rainbow Serpent be clear,

So that greater health and vitality may circulate

Throughout the world to bless all beings.

Our Aboriginal sisters and brothers believe that through this

ceremony, a blast of divine light and energy will move through the ley

lines of the planet, connecting us all.

Let's add our energy, and make a difference in changing the

frequencies of our world to a higher and more positive vibration!

Love and light,

Pia and Cullen

*Today is 6 Universal energy and Intuiting Earth energy, a full moon,

and a Total Lunar Eclipse.

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