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Dear Friends,

Laarkmaa has been talking about a Cosmic Pop (or Pops) for years, and they have warned us that big, chaotic changes are coming in 2020, with a tremendous influence around 12 January–although they remind us that time is liquid – fluid and events cannot be held to a specific date. Yet tomorrow, on 12 January, we will experience a planetary alignment that happens only every 300 years, along with several other powerful alignments with Earth. These planetary influences could provide the backdrop for the (or a) Cosmic pop to bring much change and chaos.

Seventy-six years ago Peter Konstanitinov Deunov, also called Beinsa Douno, received a prediction for humanity's shift in consciousness and coming Earth changes while he was in a trance state. He speaks of a divine fire that will purify people and prepare them for the New Era, stating that this fire will raise our consciousness to a superior level, which is necessary for Ascension. He tells us that an immense wave will come from cosmic space and inundate the entire earth. Could this be the cosmic rays we are experiencing, which seem to be increasing, or could the cosmic rays be a precursor of something larger coming our way? Laarkmaa tells us the Cosmic Rays bring more light into our cells, preparing us for change in the Ascension process.

In his prediction, Douno says that those who oppose this wave will be carried off and transferred elsewhere. Could this be Laarkmaa's Golden Trough of Light, where those who wish to cling to the old will remain until another place is available for them to continue their chosen path on the wheel of karma?

Douno advises that our best course of action during this time is to continually improve ourselves and elevate our vibratory level. This sounds like Laarkmaa's advice to clear out our shadows and practice being Love and being Light!

Douno's prophecy promises that our hearts will be liberated from troubles and become luminous, bringing more elevated thoughts. He tells us that negative thoughts, feelings, and acts will be consumed and destroyed. Laarkmaa reminds us that we have to do our 50% by continually working to clear our own shadows and raise our vibration to cooperate with the Universe.

Laarkmaa has been warning us that all structures will collapse in order to bring in the new–governments, financial, even the land, through earthquakes and other global circumstances. Douno's prophecy promises that earthquakes will contribute largely to everything around us collapsing and disappearing.

Douno is in complete alignment with Laarkmaa, as his prophecy states that we should harmonize with the currents of Ascension. Isn't this the same as

Laarkmaa's guidance to achieve Rainbow Body form?

Laarkmaa's truth that Love is the greatest force in the Universe, Douno matches, telling us that in the future, everything will serve Love. He also says in his prophecy the same thing that Laarkmaa always tells us– we have no idea how wonderful a future awaits us!

Laarkmaa describes us as the New Humans, and encourages us to treat each other in the spirit of In Lak'ech – "I am another yourself."

All of the chaos and changes we will undergo are intentional, to help us to awaken and remember Who We Are and that we are all the same.

Douno's prophecy tells that we will become a new race based upon treating each other as sisters and brothers. A new culture, Douno says, will be based on three principles: the elevation of women, the elevation of the humble, and the protection of the rights of humans. Isn't that what Laarkmaa has been telling us? The Divine Feminine is awakening and will not be dominated any longer. We speak each other into being, and we should listen to how we speak to each other and what each of us has to say, because each of us has something to offer as a part of the whole. When we treat each other as equals and honor the spirit of In Lak'ech, there will be no need for protecting our rights; we will simply honor the Highest Good For All.

Whatever comes tomorrow or in the rest of 2020, we need to remember all that Laarkmaa has been telling us for so many, many years. You can reinforce what you have learned and are practicing by reviewing Laarkmaa's 3 books or getting one of Laarkmaa's calendars to help you navigate the coming year through energy, not time. You can find information here.

And you can read Douno’s entire seventy six-year-old prophecy here.

In the spirit of In Lak'ech, we send Love and Light to each of you,

Pia and Cullen

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