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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Having once again re-birthed ourselves during the last phase of Venus (if we did our work), we are now ready to join Venus in our work to create a better world here on our home planet, Earth. Venus will be in this phase until August 17th, giving us a great opportunity to Remember Who We Are* and to embody it through our choices, our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

Venus in the phase of Remembering & Embodiment** brings confidence and optimism that we can make a difference in the world. There is a greater pull toward creating community and to truly serving the highest good of all. We know that we are here by choice to participate in the evolutionary process. This is our time to demonstrate the highest qualities of being human. There will be many opportunities to live into how we experience relationship with others, including personal and work relationships, relationships with plants, animals, and other species, and relationship with Earth and the energies of the Universe.

Our task for the next five months is to remember more and more of who we truly are every moment, and to embody that purity of light and love through the choices we make. As we do this, we strengthen our communities and we learn to operate in unity, rather than from old patterns based on our individual needs only. This is the perfect time to practice the concept of In Lak'ech~ "I am another yourself."

With love,


**Terms and descriptions of this phase of Venus are original conceptions of Adam Gainsburg. For further understanding, please see his remarkable book, The Light of Venus,

Intuitive Guidance sessions with Pia are available if you would like to enhance your manifestation of true community.

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