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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

We are living through the dissolution of time, which is making us keenly aware of parallel realities, giving us an enhanced and visceral perspective of duality here on Earth. There are multiple ways to look at this unfolding phenomena, including the sense that time is speeding up, and the Mandela effect of simultaneous realities. I am going to focus on the duality of what we see around us by comparing the external third-dimensional world and the parallel multi-dimensional world, where we can work internally with the presenting energies for conscious evolution.

Laarkmaa has suggested that we pay attention to what is happening to our environment and our magnetosphere through enhanced pulsating radio waves of 5G technology and the covert plan for Artificial Intelligence to take away our freedom. To that end, we are attaching here the most conclusive article we have found to date that details exactly what is occurring with 5G and how we can do our third-dimensional part ( to prevent the rollout of such heinous technology. We also ask you to check out Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Dr. Martin Pall's 9-minute video speech to the National Institutes of Health disclosing the real effects of 5G technology on human health.

It is important to understand that the use of any of our favorite technological devices (cell phones, tablets, internet, even television) draws our awareness away from our immediate environment as we focus on imaginary (virtual) images on a screen. These devices have been developed to encourage our separation from Nature so that we become more controllable. The reason 5G is being pushed so hard and so fast is to capture and control us before we realize what is happening. This electronic eco-system is a precondition for perfecting a global Artificial Intelligence network that feeds on very fast transfer of large amounts of information through all the devices we depend upon and use. An "Internet of Things" is already impacting our lives, as AI connects the files that reveal our choices, our needs, and even our personal communications. Google always know what we have researched; Amazon always know what we have purchased; and Facebook knows how to feed our endorphins by encouraging "likes" on a computer screen so that we continually turn to the computer rather than turning towards other humans for real conversations or a hugs. These superpowers of AI smoothly offer us the next distraction from our true reality. The Internet of Things will lead to the Internet of Thinking, which will completely take control of our choices and our lives, says Dr. Jeremy Naydler, in 5G- The Big Picture. While we are being diverted away from what is really happening around us, our natural environment is being saturated with an invisible fog of radiation, which has a deleterious effect on our physical, mental, and emotional health. This is the condition of our new electro-magnetic environment in our third dimensional reality. Between the destruction of our natural environment and the drive to create conditions within which AI will make an even greater presence in our lives, we are losing ourselves.

Yet there is opportunity within these intense conditions. The presence of extreme challenge encourages us to choose love rather than fear. Laarkmaa tells us in their second book that even the dark serves the light, and that when we continually turn to love we raise our vibration, helping us move into what they call Rainbow Body form. Cullen calls it becoming our Future Selves. To obtain this higher vibratory internal state, we must stretch ourselves beyond what we see around us or even what we may be experiencing in our physical, mental, or emotional bodies. This takes a lot of work. As Laarkmaa and other Pleiadian groups have been telling humanity for years, we must move beyond our patterns of dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors, with courage and willingness to step into the unknown with trust and joy. Yes, I said joy. It's hard to feel joy when we can see so much hopelessness, lack of purpose, forgetfulness, and physical discomfort around us. Those lower vibrations are contagious, and we must work to step away from fear and back into love even when we are feeling those things, which are a long way from our natural state of joy and trust. But not only is it possible to move into an internal reality that accommodates a state of peace and joy, it is the only way to finally and fully shed the old patterns of who we have believed ourselves to be so that we can become Who We Really Are. The void of the unknown is a creative place that holds all possibilities.

There are steps that we can take to make this change more effectively and with less pain. The obvious and most effect one is to continually remain in a positive state where we continually send out love to everyone and everything that causes challenges or discomfort. However, not many of us can constantly maintain that state, even if we do regularly send out love and light....always a first choice. And some are finding it difficult to even enter a calm space at all with the feelings of heaviness and oppression in our environment from the collective unconscious state. To assist, Laarkmaa has instituted a Trauma Clearing Program to assist in removing blocks and traumatic scars from our journey on this dualistic planet. It consists of 3 short sessions (with homework in between sessions) where Laarkmaa helps the person find and remove blockages that are causing current emotional reactions, dysfunctional thought patterns, or physical conditions that have been built around previous (and often unremembered) traumatic situations. This program is only for those who truly want to move forward and have the courage to revisit places of extreme discomfort for clearings. You can, of course, accomplish the same thing through your own individuated discovery with deep meditation and positive intentions, but it is immensely more effective for some to have the guidance into their own blind spots, while the Pleiadians lead one through hidden blocks, and then, out of them.

Laarkmaa will be speaking more about how to use the light and energy that is coming to Earth to change our cellular structure to match the higher vibrations required for Ascension in their next Live Call on June 30. If you are not on the mailing list to receive instructions for participating in this call, sign up here and share the invitation for this informative call with your friends.

We are living through a time of unprecedented change, and we have an exceptional opportunity to move into what Laarkmaa calls Rainbow Body form, as we follow their guidance and do our deep inner work. There is no room for fear as we step forward into what is; there is only room for courage, trust, compassion, love, and joy, so let us connect hearts and hands in the spirit of In Lak'ech. Please join Cullen and I as we do the work to become our Future Selves.

With love and light,


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