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Audio from the Laarkmaa Heart Gathering

What was it like to be at the Heart Laarkmaa Gathering?

“My life will never be the same. I am changed forever.”

“I experienced a profound healing of a very deep wound that occurred when I was a small child. This happened during the exercise when we practiced communicating without words. It is difficult to fully describe the depth of the experience and the emotional healing that occurred.”

The weekend was an amazing journey into what it means to truly communicate through the heart. The energetic support, information, and detailed instructions that Laarkmaa provided are captured on the recording, which covers about xx hours

Would you like a taste? Here’s a sample audio clip (~10 minutes) in which Laarkmaa answers questions about ascension and also a question about how karma works now.

The event recording is valuable in two ways: First, you receive energetic support that Laarkmaa calls “Pleiadian star dust.” This energy is helpful in ways that you may not anticipate. The following is an example of what can happen when you experience Laarkmaa’s amazing energy.

A woman who has regular synchronizations with Laarkmaa told us that recently she was struggling to accept a severe emotional trauma. To feel better, she decided to listen to her last four synchronizations all in one evening. She says, “The next day I had an amazing sense of peace and joy and bliss—unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time. Two days later, I had a huge breakthrough regarding a persistent personality issue that I’ve struggled with for a long time. Suddenly, it was just gone.”

That’s the power of Pleiadian star dust.

But there’s more than energy (as though star dust weren’t enough!). The recording of the Laarkmaa Heart Gathering has an incredible amount of information. What can you expect to hear on the recording to help you understand how to move forward in the new energies? Here's a list of about HALF of the topics that are covered:

Daily exercises to practice heart communication

Current state of karma and our choice to transcend it (audio sample)

Benefits and consequences of gazing in your own eyes in the mirror

How to heal your shadow

Our responsibility when we see negativity in the world

How to find Christ-consciousness

Mary Magdalene comes through to speak about loving service and how to call on Mother Mary and Christ

How to be in the heart versus the mind

Kundalini energy

Help and support for teens who feel isolated

The value of toning and Sanskrit

The Pleiadian perspective on a particle accelerator and dark matter

The significance and sacredness of water

Human ascension and the rainbow body

Earth's ascension (audio sample-same as above)

Waves as a metaphor for duality

How to interact with those who are "asleep"

Natural brain stabilizers

Nature, plants, and health (including medical marijuana)


Why autism is increasingly common

Ascension diet specifics

Foods to address inflammation

Cell phones and congested energy

Tiredness and integrating energies

Why spiritual communities fail

The union of the masculine and feminine

Appropriate interactions with the devic kingdom

Connecting with plants

Building a light community

Politics and spirituality

The two greatest gifts of the universe

Life as a hologram

Telepathy versus communication

And there's so much more--we simply can't list it all here! The recording comprises more than 11 hours of audio which includes Laarkmaa's wisdom, question and answer sessions with Laarkmaa, reflections from Pia and Cullen, and a surprise appearance by Mary Magdalene.

We decided to allow the participants of the Laarkmaa Heart Gathering decide what is an appropriate energetic exchange for the event recording. The price of $90 reflects their collective input. (This works out to about 8 dollars per recorded hour.)

We hope you enjoy the recording and that it provides support for you as integrate the incoming energies and move into the multidimensional reality that belongs to the New Humans.

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