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Cosmic Energies 2015 #2



Just before spring arrives, we are going to experience the final impact of the ongoing series of Pluto-Uranus transformational energies.

We can expect life situations to combust quickly around March 16-17, although the ripples of that planetary alignment will probably be felt on either side of those days.

The 26,000-year planetary alignment is intensifying the energies of each planet in relationship to Earth. It is quite likely that we will feel more emotional between the Pleiadian Portal Day of March 10th and the Solar Eclipse and Super Moon that occur on March 20, Spring Equinox. We are likely to experience irrational behaviors, escalation of minor differences into major disagreements, and the energy of anger in the extreme. But remember, Laarkmaa tells us that anger is the fuel for change, so if we are experiencing waves of intense anger, we have the opportunity to choose thoughts and actions that utilize and maximize that energy for positive changes. In other words, we can choose to respond consciously to what we are feeling, rather than allowing our anger to cause automatic reactions.

Our experience is as a bit like riding a roller coaster. Perhaps our speed has slowed a bit as we climb to the top. Perhaps our anticipation is increasing. Perhaps we are a little bit afraid of what is coming next.

We creep to the top of our ride in the first part of March, and then it is quite likely that we will experience an abrupt switch as we are caught up in the energies that carry us towards swift and certain change around the middle of the month. We are reaching the top of a bell curve, where the intensity of our experience, whatever that experience may be, increases. On a roller coaster, we feel a rush at the moment of sudden downward motion and a whipping around from side to side, up and down, before slowing into a smooth rhythm that brings us home. We may feel a bit like that, too.

It is impossible to know just how we will be affected by the magnitude of these planetary influences. Because we are electro-magnetic beings ourselves, it is certain that we will feel something. We have experienced Pluto-Uranus tension before. Since May of 2012 we have experienced six of these energetic portals for transformation, and change is indeed happening on all levels, even in those who are too busy to pay attention. But because of the 26,000 year planetary alignment that recently moved into place, we are poised to cross a threshold and move into a reality that has never before been experienced. We are moving towards the apex of the bell curve, the top of the roller coaster, the portal that assures us things will be different. Stephanie Austin (Mountain Astrologer, Feb.-Mar. 2015) sees this as “a pivotal turning point.” I do too.

In rapid succession, we will experience the 26,000 year alignment, the final Pluto-Uranus pressure for transformation, and the increased gravitational pull of a super moon in Pisces (inspiring us to seek spiritual truth). On the Spring Equinox of March 20, as the new moon rises, we will also experience a full solar eclipse (affecting the electro-magnetic fields of Earth and our own emotional, mental, and physical bodies). That day carries the Pleiadian-Earth energy of “Catalyzing Change” and “Building New Foundations.” Could we have any more signs pointing our way to spiritual revelations?

If this were not enough, we will experience the second of three energetic periods that open us to other dimensional communication today (March 3rd). I can personally attest that the waves of this energy are undeniably different! The first occurred on September 25th, 2014 (do you remember anything unusual you felt that day?) and the third will occur on June 22 this year. Through the incoming energies, we are being helped to remember who we are, to experience ourselves in waveform, and to consciously unite with each other and with Source.

Venus, the planet that shines love into all of our lives, remains visible in the evening sky, lighting our way through these unprecedented experiences. Cullen and I will spend the Spring Equinox silently in Nature, listening to the sounds of change. I send you my love, as we ride the waves of change together!


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