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Cosmic Messages: Love is Always the Answer

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Pia's 12th cosmic message: Possibilities for Resolution

As harsh as the outer world seems to be right now, we are entering into a cosmic period that offers possibilities for resolution of long-standing problems. Who will listen to the whisper of these cosmic forces with the courage to step in a new direction?

2016 Collective Shadow Period

Today we move into 2016's Collective Shadow Period for humanity–full of challenges, and opportunities to break old paradigms to build a new foundation for the future. According to Pleiadian-Venus-Earth Energy compilations, today holds the Universal energy of four, the energy the Pleiadians have taught us is about the foundations we build for life. In Remembering Who We Are, Laarkmaa offers guidance on how to step away from our current third dimensional understanding of foundations based on Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, into a more multidimensional foundation of Love, Joy, Trust, and Compassion. The Earth Energy presenting today is Beginning. Clearly the cosmos is inviting us to create a more heart-centered foundation for life.

A Rare Event--Universal Energies Correspond to our Calendar

The New Moon in Gemini today corresponds Venus's movement into the Evening Star in Gemini, which occurs on Monday, June 6th and will last until Spring of 2017 (Northern Hemisphere). We are collectively at a turning point, and the cosmos is giving us a chance to open our hearts to the truth of who we truly are and the power that we hold when we turn our thoughts to love. Not often do our Gregorian Calendric dates correspond the Universal energies that are present, but now they do. Our Gregorian calendar moved into alignment with the Universal Energies on June 1st. Both the calendar date and the Universal Energy of June 6 is six, the energy of flow. This is an energy that develops, refines, and improves itself as it contacts and interacts with other energies in the universe.

Venus in Gemini--Great Change Ahead

Venus in Gemini brings our focus to the duality of our world. How can we honor the opposites of duality while striving towards unity? Venus in Gemini encourages us to be flexible, curious, use our hearts to guide our minds, and change all the old patterns that no longer serve us or humanity. Venus in Gemini tells us that it is time to speak up, to address global concerns, to use our voice against injustice. This is a period where the influence of Venus can bring meaningful change and shifts in the collective.(1)

Other planets support Venus's guidance towards big changes: Mars brings aggressive forward movement (will we follow our governments into war or will we assert ourselves and start our own movements towards peace and unity?) Saturn threatens an increase of authority (will we honor the authority of others or the authority of our own hearts?) Jupiter calls us to expand our vision (can we let go of limiting beliefs?) Neptune asks us to step into the dream of unconditional love (Are we willing to follow the principles of Inlakesh, seeing others are ourselves and loving them?)

Throughout the period of Venus in Gemini for the next 9 months, other planets assert their influence as well. Uranus brings rebellion (will we finally step away from acting like sheep and use our voices for positive change?) and Pluto brings collective transformation (How much we will we do to change the world?) What our governments choose may not match our own choices for evolution, and we may be forced to stand together to voice our own opinions about the direction the world is taking. If we pay attention and speak out for the changes that are necessary, we can change the world.

Venus begins her influence in Gemini in the phase of Transmutation, from June 6 until July 24, just as Mars (assertiveness), Saturn (structures), and Neptune (larger dreams) support Venus's guidance to "speak up" about what counts. What does all this mean? The lovely planet Venus is at her maximum distance from the earth from behind the sun, moving very, very quickly towards Earth. In the Transmutation phase, Venus is invisible in the sky, rising and setting with the sun. This phase of Venus makes us more sensitive to others and compels us to pay more attention to our inner world. A very high rate of personal change is possible during this phase.(2) If we change the inner, outer changes will follow, for inner and outer are connected. The influence of Venus during this time can help open our hearts, find our inner power, and transform the world.

The Power in Our Hearts

It may be possible that the world can be deeply challenged by the dynamic tension (Laarkmaa's perspective) of opposite beliefs and opposing powers during this potent time. Winds of war could be on the horizon from the pull of this dynamic tension. Perhaps the very best use of our energy, individually and collectively, at this time is to calm our hearts and minds, still the noise of old beliefs that echo through our thoughts, and remember, "What we are thinking, we are both broadcasting and invoking." (3) It is time to funnel our positive thoughts into speech, and our speech into actions that address what we are willing or not willing to accept, rather than allowing others to create the world for us through their own negative thoughts, competitive belief systems, and struggles for power. The power is within us, in our hearts. Let us weave our energies together to transform our world.

To see how the convergence of these cosmic energies impacts you personally, write to me.

1- Thanks to Arielle Guttman (Venus Star Rising) for her in-depth information about Venus in Gemini.

2- Adam Gainsburg (The Light of Venus) is responsible for these insights on the Transmutation phase of Venus.

3- Quoted from Stephanie Austin, Mt. Astrologer, April/May 2016).

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