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Messages from Venus #8 - Surrender and Discover

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Venus, still expressing as the Morning Star in Leo, has slipped into the phase of Surrender and Discovery. She began this phase on October 27th’s Full Moon in Taurus, heightening our awareness of the tensions between light and dark. We may, perhaps, have felt our differences more keenly or experienced confused and disorienting waves of disappointment, as we find ourselves in seemingly the same place where we were standing yesterday. The big changes have not yet come. At times, it feels as though we are struggling to move our feet out of the molasses of our painfully slow spiritual evolution, while we long for our flight to light. The journey has been long. We are ready to fulfill our promise to evolve.

We deepen our awareness of multi-dimensional possibilities while struggling with third dimensional realities. We may find that our trust is challenged, as are the beliefs that guide our thinking. During this phase, Venus shines her light to guide us to surrender and discover, for it is only when we surrender our cherished beliefs, our stuck and repetitive thoughts and patterns of behavior, that we can discover other possibilities. Previously we have only dreamed of possibilities. Venus in Leo now compels us to change by releasing what is holding us back. This period lasts for five and a half months, until April of 2016. It takes great courage to release our view of reality and to surrender into the unknown, so Venus gives us a longer “time” to do our work in this phase than any other. It is also auspicious that half the world (the Northern hemisphere) experiences this need to surrender and discover during winter’s cloak of darkness and half the world (the Southern hemisphere) experiences this need in the blinding light of summer’s promise. This division represents not only the duality of human experience, but also the dual aspect of surrender and discovery. We cannot discover the new until we surrender what no longer serves us. Adam Gainsburg summarizes, saying “Surrender all that is no longer true about yourself so that you can discover what is eternal and can never be lost.”

By surrendering both our fears and our expectations, we can reach a neutral place of expansion that allows discovery. This is what Venus in Leo asks us now. But before we can make the discoveries we long for, we absolutely must surrender our ideas that we know what “should be” or what is correct. We cannot know those things from our limited perspective in Earth’s third dimension, no matter how connected we may be. The only things we can truly know come from the wisdom in our hearts: love, trust, joy, and compassion, the cornerstones upon which Laarkmaa says we are building the New Humanity.

Those who were born during the Venus phase of Surrender and Discovery* may feel a deep familiarity with this cycle- a tired repetition of loss- once again- before something new is discovered. But Surrender and Discovery can be different this time. The cosmic forces are accelerating, as they bring new energies to Earth. Therefore, it is essential that we meet these new energies with curiosity and a complete abandonment of our old scripts. In order to move into being something new- our true selves- we have to surrender our old selves and lose who we “think” we are, as well as how we think things “should be.” We have to surrender the old patterns that have defined us. This surrender allows perfect balance and flow to appear in our lives.

Our challenge during the next five and a half months is to deepen our understanding through trials of surrender and loss until we discover what can never be lost- the truth of Who We Are and the love that we carry. Three sets of catalytic meteor showers move through Earth’s atmosphere in November (on Nov. 4-5, Nov. 12-13, and Nov. 17-18). Each burst of meteor light may illuminate our thoughts with “Ah-Ha” understandings and transcendent experiences, if we allow their influence into our awareness. I wish you all great strength and courage as we move through this phase together to discover our true selves.

With love and the light of Venus,


* If you have a wish to discover your personal relationship to Venus and her message to you, please request a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart (link).

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