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In our January 3, 2021 Live Call, someone asked the question of whether we should believe the Cumiana, Italy or the Tomsk, Russia readings for the Schumann Resonance. Laarkmaa wisely suggested we pay attention to the higher readings as the “correct” readings. They have explained how we are receiving more Light at this time, and that seems to correlate to the Schumann Resonance readings. Dr. Schavi M. Ali of Disclosure News explains the difference in the two graphs very well. His article correlates what Laarkmaa has explained about our receiving more Light as we move away from our dense, physical forms into our liquid crystalline light bodies. The Light is breaking up old patterns of density within us, and it can be painful!

Yesterday the power of the Schumann Resonance was shown at 450 as the graph at the top of the page indicates. Coincidentally, both of our backs (Cullen and Pia) “went out” (seized up) on January 4 for no obvious reason. While we both experienced extreme pain, Pia was completely immobile on January 4, and Cullen was immobile on January 5, both of us “re-experiencing” injuries we had 35 years ago. The light is apparently “activating” old injuries we both experienced years and years ago to clear them from our systems.

We suspect many of you are also feeling unexpected challenges in some way. The Light seems to be attracted to wherever there has been an injury or a trauma of some kind. The below graph shows the Schumann Resonance readings for January 2, 3, 4, and 5 readings on the Cumiana graph.

Today, January 5, the reading is all the way up to 1200, an unprecedented number!

We encourage you to think of your experience as movement away from your familiar dense form and toward your lighter form. The pain will (like everything else) change, and it will eventually dissipate. And follow Laarkmaa’s suggestion to acknowledge the validity of the Cumiana, Italy graph which indicates the power of the Schumann Resonance surges.

We are living in unprecedented times with unprecedented energies! Whatever your experience may be, do your best to see it through the eyes of love, trusting that your highest good is being served.

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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