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Live Call Recorded March 15, 2020
Topics:  Humanity's Evaluation; Importance of 3 - Loving energy; Flow, Flexibility, Freedom, and Abundance; Liquid Time; Important Arcturian Message from Quantamo; Stepping away from EMF pollution; Latest Ascension Symptoms & Changes; The Higher Perspective of Corona Virus


Live Call Recorded February 23, 2020
Topics:  Schumann Resonance - Mental, Emotional, & Physical Effects; Our Changing Brainwaves; External & Internal Effects of Light; Ascension Symptoms Expanded; A Meditation to Deal With Symptoms; Dietary Changes for Ascension; Our Role in What Happens; Leading With the Heart; We Are the Light!


Live Call Recorded February 9, 2020
Topics:  Family as Training Ground: What is My Responsibility; Forgiveness; All Life on Earth is Family; Light to Raise Our Vibration- Cosmic Rays & Schumann Resonance Explained; Message to Humanity Youtube; Transcending Duality; The True Nature of the Dark.


Laarkmaa's Message to the World Recorded January 21, 2020
Topics:  What is Fear? and What is Separation?; Separation as fear of annihilation; Earth as a Cosmic Playground; Understanding the Nature of all Reality; Integration moves you into the Ascension process; A peaceful heart is necessary to Ascend; On Earth, You cannot continue to live in a lower frequency; Embracing rather than avoiding the process of transition; Asking for Grace; Atlantis and our Civilization; Surrendering the Illusion of Self; The Dar's request to return to the Light.

Live Call Recorded January 19, 2020
Topics:  Changes and Disappointments; Feeling Oppression & Uncovering the last Shadows; Ripples of Underlying Goodness; Sending Light to Animals; Results of Cosmic Ceremony; the Noise of Ascension; Clearing Parallel Life Trauma; The Path of Ascension for Couples; How to Be an Authentic Human.


Live Call Recorded January 5, 2020
Laarkmaa's Pleiadian Manual of Accelerated Evolution- Part 7 - Moving Forward - Preparing to be You!
  Who are you becoming? What does Ascension look like? What actually happens? Golden Trough of Light; Chaos and Change–An objective View; Telepathic Communication; Unity and In Lak'ech; Cosmic Pop-Shift-Event; True Foundation of the Greater Reality.