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Updated: May 26, 2023

Transcending the crisis

We are in our first full day of beautiful Transcending energy today and for the next thirteen days! This wonderful energy provides a strong desire to build true and supportive communities that encourage cooperation and unity. When we tune into this energy, we can use the power of our intentions and responsible actions to transform the present into what comes next – and we have a lot to transform! But we are up to the job or we would not be here!

In 2020, Cullen wrote a piece called “Techno-Virus” detailing the exact nature of the threat of 5G (not COVID). You can read it here if you want to review it. Together we wrote quite a few pieces that year revealing the true threats against humanity. They can be found by scrolling down our blog section to 2020.

I am bringing this up now because it is more relevant than ever. Many people are reporting serious physical symptoms that are disrupting their lives (as we predicted 3 years ago). We need to pay attention to making the necessary changes that will eliminate that malevolent influence in our lives; we need to make difficult but responsible choices to step away from Smart Phones, slow our use of internet, computers, and tablets, and return to living in harmony with Nature. If we don’t responsibly and consciously do this, we will lose our power to reclaim our lives and our planet.

Transcending energy gives us the potential to remove negative energy, and as 5G is the most negative and dangerous thing we are dealing with currently, already making us physically (and sometimes mentally) out of balance or even ill, we simply must decide to live our lives differently and release our dependence on this harmful technology. 5G has the potential to annihilate all life on Earth.

Let us begin to join our efforts and consider how to create parallel communities that are based on working for the highest good for all, which includes all life and the planet herself. Together we can transcend a technologically based world and return to a balanced world that is based on the benevolence of Nature and harmony!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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