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It’s amazing how joy can be found all around us in spite of external circumstances, if we only open our hearts and connect to others. This small boy finds joy in a mud puddle, while his dog patiently waits.

As the British rock band the Troggs so aptly said in 1967––

“Love is all around me; its everywhere I go.”

Their song even points out that our minds follow our feelings, a concept which Laarkmaa has been trying to help us understand for years.

Jackie Wilson reminded us, also in 1967’s Summer of Love, that

“Your Love Lifts Me Higher and Higher”

We must have experienced some energetic magic in 1967 because in that same year that the Beetles told us the truth––

“All you need is Love.”

Now we have the wise and loving Pleiadian Group Laarkmaa telling us the same thing: the essential truth that all we need is Love, it lifts us higher and higher, and it is all around us! How have we forgotten or moved away from that understanding? Or more importantly, how can we remember and embody that truth once again?

Here are a couple of examples of acceptance and interspecies love to inspire you and help us to remember that together we can create a peaceful, loving planet, full of love!

When we live through the principles that Laarkmaa encourages of Ahimsa (Do No Harm) and In Lak’ech (I am another yourself), it becomes easier to accept all creatures as our equals and all people as they are (whether we agree with them or not). Those principles also empower us to fully be our true selves––divine lights filled with love. With that powerful energy, we can change the world!

With kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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תגובה אחת

So cute! Thanks a lot!🙏 Ahimsa and In Lak'ech. 💗💗💗😀

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