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In the third-dimensional world where we live in duality, we human beings have both feelings and emotions. Laarkmaa distinguishes them, explaining that feelings are enjoyable states such as love, joy, trust, compassion, kindness, and gratitude. They are our birthright. Emotions come and go to remind us how we are out of balance and correct us on our path. They ebb and flow, shaking us up.

What is the most essential ingredient for our spiritual lives?

What is the most essential ingredient for our physical lives?

Our spirits thrive on Love, and our bodies thrive on Water. When both are flowing, we experience flow in our River of Life. We can see the level of consciousness of people in a community by examining the quality of their water. Is it stagnant or moving? Is it clear or cloudy?

Are we also aware of what is happening to the water inside of us?

It is our responsibility as human beings to pay attention to what is happening to our inner water (and we are made of 70-90% water!) Can we respect our inner water enough not to pollute it, with emotions like anger or jealousy or frustration? Can we simply learn from those emotions and change for the better? Can we be grateful for the moments of feelings of love, joy, and harmony that flow through us?

A human life is a gift, a precious gift. In living our lives, we learn what it means to be individual sparks of Light, as Laarkmaa calls us. We learn to shine our light, and we learn to embrace our darkness and bring light into ourselves there as well. Living in duality, we will always experience opposites. We can learn to objectively distance events around us, knowing that Life is Movement and Change. When one things stops, another begins. Emotions are our places of temporary stops. They shake us up, and Laarkmaa guides us to immediately deal with the emotion by making appropriate changes, sooner rather than later. The stronger the emotion, the more immediate the need for action! Sometimes an emotion can be so overwhelming that we find ourselves holding our breath; we are literally frozen in the moment. No breath, no flow! Sometimes we forget that what we are focused on is from the past rather than remembering that we have the power of NOW to move and change ourselves and our circumstances. When an old memory stirs an emotion, we can gently remind ourselves that we have the power to change, and that the emotion is nudging us to do so.

We are living in the Now. We are safe. We can thank our bodies and let them know we love and appreciate them.

They physical body hears (and feels) the sound of our voice and the tone of

love we have for ourselves. The physical body is grateful for the pure water we drink with gratitude and love: one thank-you sip, one love-you sip. This is an excellent way to start the morning, and to refresh ourselves throughout the day.

Sometimes more help is needed to heal an old wound that runs deep. It may even seem that all that is present is the old wound and the emotion around it. In this case, we seek help. It is an act of courage to ask for help to clear our shadows and our blocks.

Wouldn't we clean the stream overgrown with vegetation to ease the flow of the water? Should we not also do that for our inner water as well?

Laarkmaa helps us to clear out that which no longer serves us:

Today's world needs everyone's unique spark to join with one another to become Pure Light, capable of creating the reality we all hold within our hearts–the reality created out of Love for the Highest Good for All. Honoring our own water and keeping it clear, is an excellent step to becoming Pure Light. Following Laarkmaa's guidance to practice, Love, Joy, Trust, and Compassion, we can

Love like Water flowing within us;

Trust like Air that supports our life;

Feel Joy for the fire that is transforming us;

and Practice Compassion like the Earth that holds us.

In Lak'ech,

Circle Dancer

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