Trauma Clearing with Laarkmaa


This Program has ended.

What is a Trauma Clearing?

Laarkmaa’s Trauma Clearing Program helps people clear hidden blockages from their systems so that each person can attain the highest version of themselves. The program consists of 3 sessions to deeply clear all blockages, with at least one week between sessions to integrate the work. Each session is a
half an hour, and the exchange for the work is $111 per session. If you have never had a private session with Laarkmaa, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a Personal Synchronization with Laarkmaa prior to scheduling a Trauma Clearing so that Laarkmaa can familiarize themselves with your energy
and you can ask questions.


Clearings are entirely confidential. Pia and Cullen are unable to recall what occurs during your personal time with Laarkmaa. 


These sessions are conducted in English. If you do not speak English, then you must locate a translator who can assist with the translation.



How Do I Schedule a Trauma Clearing 
Session with Laarkmaa?

To book each of the three sessions, click the "Add to Cart" button below to make an exchange of $111.  Then email to request your session. Please include your name, telephone number with country code, and most convenient days and times for you.  If you are in North America, you must choose a morning time due to the time difference between North America and Europe.

Trauma Clearing Testimonials

"I would like to thank Pia, Cullen & Laarkmaa for the Trauma Clearing over 3 separate sessions. It was easier than I anticipated, as Laarkmaa guided me through the clearing & blockages. Afterwards my energy felt amazing and relieved. It is strange how our physical energy takes all of life’s traumas into itself and stores it up. I would recommend the Trauma Clearings for all, as it removes all the hidden stresses we have come to see as part of life."

-D.C., Australia

"I'm so grateful to you for connecting me with Laarkmaa. They helped me to clear the trauma from my system. Laarkmaa was wonderful to supply me tools for future situations that may arise. For me, it was like coming home, with so much light pouring into me. Cullen, the tone of your voice has given me the courage to be myself. Pia, when the words of Laarkmaa come through you, it is as if an enormous soft love wraps around me. The amount of love I get from the books and from Laarkmaa is unsurpassed. I enjoy it at a very deep level of my soul. Trauma Clearing has been the most beautiful gift of life I have received so far.

Thank you."


I am so grateful to Pia and Cullen and Laarkmaa for all the gifts that they offer. The Trauma Clearing sessions were life-changing for me, and I recommend them to everyone who would like to release what no longer serves them and move forward in greater balance, peace, ease, and joy.
–S.J., USA

"Pia, Cullen, and Laarkmaa, I am so very grateful for the Trauma Clearing sessions I had to help clear trauma from my being. Each time Laarkmaa brought up a subject, it exactly matched the experiences I had had just
preceding the session.  Therefore, it was easy to access the information needed and transform it, thereby transforming my life so magnificently! It was an easy process, with the right amount of Laarkmaa's help, to find and release previous misconceptions, usually from childhood.  I found it freeing and empowering.  I encourage all to experience this process without delay."
–K.S., USA

"I cannot recommend this trauma clearing too highly! For me it has meant that dysfunctional patterns that I was well aware of can now be worked with much more effectively, saving me -God knows how much time. There has been a notable change in myself and how I interact with others, which until now has been difficult for me to explain. I will NEVER forget Laarkmaa's Loving and non- judgmental deep insights and help."