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Although many people are feeling the heaviness of conflict, shadows, and challenge in these times of change, Laarkmaa recently pointed out the gifts that are also appearing in this time of transition.

Reminding us all that joy can be found in moving forward, the child below demonstrates that joy as she takes her first leap.

On Laarkmaa’s 11 October Live Call people shared stories of gifts and wonderful experiences that are happening in their lives.

We are experiencing those things, as well, more and more every day. Here we share with you the importance of a hug or simple touch and connection.

Sometimes it is the look in our eyes, the tone of our voices, or even a song that uplifts us and reminds us of the love that is everywhere around us.

Sometimes it is humor that keeps us smiling, like the video of people in Spain who are mandated to wear masks, but apparently clothes are optional!

Or a funny cartoon that reminds us to keep our sense of perspective as we discern what is going on around us.

Each of us has ways of giving the gift of love and helping others raise their vibrations. If we doubt that we are making a difference, the animal kingdom demonstrates how love is the highest service.

To keep us all in higher vibrational receptivity for these gifts, we are sharing the above and below links. These are expressions of love to make you smile, from our hearts to yours!

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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1 Comment

Nina Chun
Nina Chun
Jun 29, 2023

I LOVE YOU!!! love and light, Pia and Cullen.

Love, Nina OX :)

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