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All concerns about Earth's environment, 5G, and other Earth issues have been pushed aside, as news about the Corona virus has taken a front row seat– across all media, including spiritual sites. Among those following traditional media's perspective, the virus is unstoppable and something to fear. But all spiritual perspectives–and there are many–know that there is nothing to fear because the presence of this virus is an opportunity for us to step outside of old paradigm fear into trust. What we need to remember, now more than ever, is that we have the power within us to use our discernment about where and how to carefully interact with others, as the virus moves from country to country. But aside from that obvious reminder, the larger thing we need to remember is that we are powerful light beings, whose positive thoughts of trust and gratitude change the energy all around us, protecting us and others.

There are so many political theories about the hidden agenda of this virus. Most who are reading this article understand that it is not a simply pandemic that arose from natural causes. But here are a few other things to consider as we step more fully into necessary changes brought about by the presence of the virus. Be aware, pay attention, and then respond from your heart with your own voice and your own power, rather than reacting to what is happening or what the government is telling you. There are many things we can do to change the way our world works, and they all begin with awareness, trust, gratitude, cooperation, love, and the higher vibrational choices we make.

1) The compulsory quarantines forces people to use Internet and cell phones for banking, paying for electricity, and necessary services. This action promotes possible further implementation of 5G, under the erroneous assumption that it will provide more necessary connections under adverse conditions. Consider that the adverse conditions may be serving to bring about more acceptance of 5G–or at least less resistance– as people turn their focus to other concerns. Remember that the implementation of 5G is a larger threat to humanity–and all life–than any virus, and continue to speak out against it. Fiber optics are still a viable option for our Internet needs.

2) We are all under the control of the international banks, which influence our monetary well-being–until we decide to wake up and share everything we have with everyone in true abundance. When we do that, there is enough for all.

3) The most contagious part of any virus, and particularly a pandemic,

is fear. It is our job to continually return to our hearts in gratitude that we have the opportunity to help others who are afraid, while we are not. Share your courage and your optimism with all.

4) Because most reading this article are aware and awake, we see behind the curtain. There is a reason that governments are preventing us from gathering together in large numbers–a fear on their part that there will be a contagion of hope, love, trust, and truth that spreads as we gather together. Keep spreading those energies. They are powerful!

In a recent International Live Call, a participant asked Laarkmaa this question:

Is our experience with the Corona virus a new step for humanity to come back to our real selves on an inner basis, for inner growth and inner light?

In answer to that question, Laarkmaa shared the Pleiadian perspective:

You are living in a planet of duality. Those who chose to remain on the wheel of karma and are responding to fear in the old paradigm will not see what you have just described as an opportunity. To them it will be seen as a threat. Because you have a dualistic experience at this time as you begin to separate your path of choice from the path of the collective, those who are working with the higher vibration and maintain a higher perspective will indeed recognize this virus as a doorway of opportunity. This is an opportunity to step outside of your fear and to learn to be objective rather than fearful. Those of you who maintain this higher perspective will respond objectively to what is happening rather than reacting in fear. It is an opportunity for you to learn how to keep out of harm's way by simply refusing to be harmed! Yes, indeed, the virus can be seen as a higher vibrational opportunity for those who are looking at it from this perspective.

We do not recommend that you simply say, "I can't be harmed; it is never going to touch me," and then walk into the middle of an infected area or a crowd that could be contaminated. That would be equivalent to saying a prayer over a spoonful of sugar because you believe it won't hurt you if you pray over it. Both of those examples are ideas held in the mind, but they are mind ideas only, and they are not remotely connected to the truth or reality. A simple affirmation is never enough. You do live in the third dimension and must pay attention to real third dimensional challenges, taking positive action as well as using positive thoughts. Use your objective discernment and decide where it is appropriate for you to be and what you need to do in the changing circumstances. Keep fear out of your discernment. Instead, trust that you will be ok and then make discerning, objective choices. You will be OK if you are combining trust with your objective choices. You will be OK if you do not focus on fear but instead use your energy to prepare yourself for whatever is happening. As those of you reading this have already made your choice to ascend with the Earth, it is always a good idea to choose the higher perspective of whatever experience you are having. To descend into the lower perspective takes you back into the energies of the Collective, which do not belong to higher vibrational states. There is no reason for you to enter into that doorway of fear and reaction again.

Our colleague Lee Harris has produced a wonderfully uplifting YouTube you may wish to watch. He covers most of the points that Laarkmaa also made in last Sunday's Live Call. Here's the link.

Remember that Laarkmaa always tells us that what we believe helps to create our reality. We have the power to be objective and respond to what we hear, or simply believe everything we are told is true. We are receiving a tremendous amount of emails, asking our personal opinion of the virus. If you wish a larger perspective of Corona and the world, please join Laarkmaa's Live Calls where you can ask your questions; the next one is scheduled for April 5th, and there are recordings of previous Live Calls here.

With love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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