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New Calendar for Conscious Living

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Our interstellar friends from the Pleiades have long helped humanity to evolve beyond the illusions of our third dimensional world. One of our greatest illusions is the illusion of Time. The Pleiadians gave The Mayan Calendar to the Maya over 5,000 years ago to help humankind understand how to measure our days through energy, rather than time. Yet as the Mayan culture fell out of favor and other cultures took over, we began to use clocks and the Gregorian calendar to schedule our lives. Now Laarkmaa, another Pleiadian group, has given us a revelatory, new calendar that measures each day by its energy so that we can better learn how to navigate our lives with ease and flow.

The new Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar is based on two different types of energy that cycle daily–cosmic energy, called Universal energy, and Earth Energy. Each of us is made up of a combination of a Universal energy and an Earth energy, giving us our personality and our soul direction. Likewise, each day holds a "personality" combination that gives a direction and a flavor to the day, if we choose to make our decisions in harmony with the presenting energies.

There are thirteen types of Universal energy, each of which holds truth throughout the cosmos. You can get an idea of what each energy is focused upon simply from the name of the energy. You can also see how the energies spiral in a way that they build upon each other, even though no one Universal energy is better or higher than another. It takes all of them to complete a cycle of evolution. The last one listed, Completing, is the energy that helps us to integrate all that we learn before we begin on another spiral of incoming Universal energies. We get a chance to start over or climb to the next level every thirteen days.

The Universal energies are:














There are twenty Earth energies, giving us directions on how to proceed every day, as well as defining particular personality characteristics of each person we meet. When we are aware of and better understand these twenty energies, we can see the gifts other people have to offer, even if we hold a different view or have a different gift. Likewise, the twenty Earth energies help us to see what actions are best suited for every day, if we choose to pay attention. Like the Universal energies, there is no hierarchy in the twenty Earth energies. We need all of these pieces to have a whole puzzle. Learning about all the twenty Earth energies is a simple way to learn the language of harmony; while each energy has its own personality (just like people), these various energies combine to create a beautiful whole.

The twenty Earth energies are:





















Perhaps you can see yourself in one of these descriptions, or maybe you can see how certain days are more suitable for certain types of activities. The new calendar guides us in how to do this, with each energy listed, defined, and superimposed on the Gregorian calendar to which we are accustomed. With practice, we can navigate our lives (both days and people) more easily by understanding the energetic gifts each has to offer. Every one of our days holds a specific type of Universal and Earth Energy. Every single person also holds a specific type of Universal and Earth energy in her or his makeup, guiding and directing her or him on the path of evolution. When we better understand what each energy is asking of us, we have more flow and balance in our lives, and we also achieve more harmony in our relationships.

Being able to track and notice the Universal and Earth energies each day helps us to decide how to choose our own experiences. For example, if we would like to take a trip, it is advisable to use the Universal energy of 6 (which represents movement and flow) to travel, while we may not find as much ease if we choose to travel on a day that has the Universal energy of 4 (which represents foundation and stability.) In deciding upon our trip, we would also want to look at the Earth energies. A day of Listening energy calls for stillness and quiet, which would not be the best choice for a trip. But a day of Exploring Earth energy is just right!

The new Pleiadian calendar also helps us to prepare for challenges and to use periods of challenge as opportunities for growth. We call these challenging periods Shadow Cycles, for they reflect the areas of our lives that remain in the shadows of outdated beliefs or dysfunctional behaviors. These are the places where we may feel "stuck" or see old emotions rising to the surface after we thought we were finished with something. Most people think of these simply as a series of "bad hair days" or unlucky periods, but they are actually great opportunities for us to see and do things differently!

To bring more light into these periods, we need to work to change old reactive patterns and check what we believe to be true. Maybe there is another way to see a problem. These periods happen to us individually about every sixty days. Being able to know when they will occur keeps us from being caught unaware and gives us time to consciously attend to whatever is arising during a personal Shadow Cycle.

Each year also has a period of challenge that is present for the common experience of humanity, called a Collective Shadow Cycle, giving us a shared opportunity to change things that cause conflict or disharmony in our world. To attend to this collectively, we need to be more accepting of the beliefs of others–not necessarily an easy thing to do for a world that is so divided by opposite beliefs! During these times we may feel more tension in our lives, and it is our job, now that we know about this, to center ourselves and become even more peaceful within. Becoming aware of these times and beginning to see them as opportunities helps us to make individual changes that can then reflect into our collective consciousness. In 2019 the Collective Shadow Cycle will begin on the tenth of April and last until the 29th of April. A second Collective Shadow Cycle will begin on the 26th of December and last into 2020.

Why do we need this new Pleiadian-Earth Energy calendar? Because our cultures are bound by conflict, competition, poverty, and war. We do not live in cooperation, with harmony, abundance, and peace. We may wish it were otherwise, but in over 5,000 years our species has not been able to obtain this. Perhaps if we learn to read each energy and to honor what it asks of us, we can create a more beautiful and harmonious world. In order to do that, we need to begin to live in meaningful ways that naturally flow from and include the universal and Earth cycles of energy that drive life.

Calendars capture a culture's underlying patterns, rhythms, and beliefs, fusing meaning into daily life. We need to redesign the myths that define humanity, writing ourselves into these myths as co-creators who potently work with energy, rather than passively relying upon clocks and the Gregorian calendar that keep us locked into the prison of time's illusion. Only when we change our own beliefs can we affect the world outside of us. However, when we begin to change, the world around us changes also. To live each day in conscious awareness of the energy that is present, to greet each person with the conscious awareness that they carry a special energy, invites opportunities for us to step into a world that is ruled by harmony, peace, and love. We want this, and you probably do, too. We invite you to investigate the new calendar system of living your life, and we wish you a very wonderful 2019!

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