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Cosmic Rays - Pleiadian View!

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hello, Everyone,

This is Pia. I want to address the physical and mental symptoms many of us are feeling. Laarkmaa, our Pleiadian friends, have been telling us for years that there would be an increase in cosmic rays to accelerate our evolution. Well, the time they told us about is now here. I can list many symptoms, and I will speak about a few specifically, but the point of this message is to help you understand and adjust to what is happening. Cullen and I have become human barometers for cosmic ray activity. Perhaps you feel you have, too. When we simultaneously feel certain symptoms that are more intense than usual, we can be certain that the cosmic rays have increased and are affecting us. And there is a way you can check that for yourself to help you better understand why you are feeling what you are feeling.

But before I give you the links, let's talk about symptoms you may be feeling and how to deal with them. Symptoms include:

  • Extreme fatigue;

  • Inability to think or remember;

  • Headaches so strong they resemble migraines;

  • Ringing in Ears (we call it "Space noise", Laarkmaa calls it "Earth noise";

  • Digestive distress;

  • Loss of appetite;

  • Heart palpations;

  • Temperature fluctuations, especially becoming very hot;

  • Tingling feeling of lips or skin;

  • Inability to sleep- at all.

Why is this happening? The cellular structure of the human body is a carbon-based static (meaning unchanging) form. We are transforming into a crystalline based, ever-changing, waveform. Therefore, the physical body doesn't know what to do as these cosmic rays penetrate and radiate our bodies. Our first response is usually to question if we are ill or dying. Let me assure you, we are not. But if we don't change how we think about and respond to these energies, it will feel like we are. Ben Davidson, who in my opinion is one of the most knowledgeable experts on the fluxuation of solar waves and cosmic rays and their effects on Earth, reminds us that we have an electro-magnetic frequency generator in our brains that overcomes physics and chemistry every day of our lives. We can overrule physical, chemical, and biological reactions to the new energies by learning to think differently about what is occurring. More to the point, the Pleiadians tell us that our thoughts create our reality. So therefore, it is absolutely imperative that we become more creative about what thoughts we choose. When we feel the above symptoms, we have to change our thoughts about what is occurring.

As I already said, Cullen and I have become human barometers. We know instantaneously when the sun is being very quiet and cool, allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate our atmosphere, or when the sun and Earth are engaging in a more familiar pattern that we have previously experienced as a normal day. Science monitors the influx of cosmic rays in what is called the KP Index. This is a scale from 0-9 that measures geomagnetic activity around the world. When the KP Index is between 0-1, we feel the above symptoms. When it is at the other end of the scale between 6-9, we may also feel some of the above symptom, but this is for a different reason. The higher readings occur when coronal mass ejections, coronal holes, or solar flares are occurring on the sun, creating geomagnetic storms. We feel best when the KP Index is between 2 and 4. But we need to learn to feel ok about days when we are having a different experience.

To reassure us, Laarkmaa has told us for years that incoming cosmic rays provide more light from the radiation that occurs. That means that we are incorporating more light into our cells, and we need to rid ourselves of any remaining dense patterns that are in conflict with being love, which is our only job. As the light pours in, we may feel physical discomfort, mental distress, or emotional purging, any of which can be extreme. Remember the Pleiadian guidance to use emotions as signposts to help us rebalance ourselves by changing our thoughts. This wisdom applies to anything that we may be feeling, no matter what we may believe is the source. It is all intended for our evolution. Using the KP Index as a reference can support our decision to "just be" as we move through a particularly intense period of adjustment when cosmic rays are pouring down on us.

There are two links you can follow to check what is happening in our atmosphere that may be affecting how we feel, or think (or can't think.) The first one is Ben Davidson's I think it is the most accurate in terms of continually reporting what is actually happening. The second one is Noah (or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)'s daily chart-

Please share this with everyone you know, for we are all being affected.

Give them one of these links:

Remember, this is a positive experience! Trust the process, be grateful for the opportunities, and know that you are not alone. In Lak'ech.

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