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Pia's 13th cosmic message: Divine Feminine Energies

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Today, 22 July, is celebrated as Mary Magdalene's Feast Day by those who have followed her teachings of love since her embodiment as the divine feminine on Earth. We can honor this day and use it as a portal to enter more fully into the divine feminine energies that are pouring into Earth* at this time. The Mary energy and the divine feminine are challenging us to deal with imbalances and injustice, offering love as the only viable alternative to our dysfunctional path of pain and separation.

On July 24, two days after Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, Venus enters into Her phase of Rebirth**. For seven days (the mystical universal number that moves us between the veils, according to Laarkmaa***) we experience the gift of Venus in Her phase of Rebirth, which offers humanity a chance to initiate the birth of a new destiny. The energy of the divine feminine is responsible for birth, and each of us, regardless of gender, holds the potential to birth a new way forward for humanity. It is our job to bring forth a vision for a better, shared future. Organizations such as Michael Tellinger's UBUNTU Contributionism**** offer options for birthing a new society.

On July 31 Venus moves into Her phase of Remembering & Embodying**. This is one of the longest phases of Venus, lasting five and half months, giving us the opportunity to embody what we remember about how things can be and what is possible. Venus in this phase gives us confidence that we can make a difference. It is time to deal with any residual shadows of inadequacy or resentment towards others. From the end of July until the middle of January, Venus is bringing us guidance from the divine feminine that compels us to step up and do what we came here to do. This is our opportunity to live in love, to demonstrate the power of love, and to accept nothing other than love.

The divine feminine shows us that love is all around us, in all forms, at all times. This potent period is calling us to joyfully accept the mission we have been given. Laarkmaa3 says our individual and collective mission is to Be Love. The divine feminine can show us how.

If you wish to know more about how the phases of Venus affect you personally, or how other cosmic energies contribute to your evolution, please take a look at my new website

Gaile from Texas, USA, had said about her chart:

"What a beautiful, beautiful gift! I never expected this chart and consultation to be so profound. Pia's work is like no other chart–it is mindshifting!"

*- For those who enjoy excellent fiction, you may wish to read Kathleen McGowan's Expected One series, a historical novel based on the truth of the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Christ as beloveds who taught the way of love.

**- These phases and their meaning can be explored in depth in Adam Gainsburg's book The Light of Venus.

***- Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith, Remembering Who We Are: Laarkmaa's Guide to Healing the Human Condition;

****- UBUNTU Contributionism,

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