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Cosmic Energies: Catalytic Immersion

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Pia Orleane

April 23, 2016

On April 17 Mars began an apparent retrograde movement that will continue until June 29. The following day, Pluto began the illusion of moving backwards, joining two other planets (Jupiter and Saturn) that are already presenting a retrograde perspective to us on Earth. The fifth planet will join this illusion of backwards movement on April 28, when Mercury goes retrograde. The combination of so many planets in the uncanny simultaneous illusion of backwards motion can be unsettling, causing us to feel insecure and vulnerable or to make erratic decisions.

From our position on Earth, planets appear to move from east to west. A planet in retrograde appears to move backwards (from west to east) in the sky as seen by an observer on Earth. Planets in retrograde are in their nearest position to Earth and will appear their brightest. The experience of retrograde relationships shows us that there are two ways of looking at life or of relating oneself to the universe. A retrograde position offers an opportunity to view life in a detached, objective, and impersonal manner, if we allow ourselves to move outside of our normal reactive patterns to whatever may be occurring. Things that happen to us are actually products of thought patterns and emotions that we choose in relationship to what is occurring. We are co-creators.

The optical illusion of a planet's apparent backwards motion provides a second chance for us to revisit old ground and retrace our steps–or change them, giving us a tremendous opportunity to break old patterns and live more in the flow of each energy as it arrives in each new moment.

A retrograde influence may be better suited to the situations at hand. Planets in retrograde retard our usual progress and impel us to examine the areas affected by each planet's influence. Most of you are probably familiar with Mercury Retrograde, which wrecks havoc on communication and transportation issues. Mercury helps us to rethink our options. With five planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Mercury) expressing the illusion of moving backwards, clearly we are in a position to take a good look at what does not work in our lives and what has brought us to this position.

In viewing our solar system, Mercury's orbit is between the Sun and Earth. We therefore view this as an inner planet. Mercury affects us at an inner personal level from an astrological viewpoint. Its apparent retrograde motion invites us to examine how we think and communicate with others.

Planets in our solar system that are beyond Earth and further in distance to the Sun are called outer planets. Mars is the first of the outer planets. When Mars appears to move in retrograde, it influences how we act upon our thoughts.

The next outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, affect our social interactions and the collective consciousness of humanity. Saturn provides a good look at the structures we have created and what limits us. Jupiter offers a vision of how we can expand.

The last outer planet currently in retrograde position, Pluto, is associated with really big transformations, personally and collectively. Pluto addresses the things that are beyond our conscious awareness. Pluto's transformative influences reach into our individual depths while simultaneously pulling at our collective consciousness. Pluto also serves as self-destruct mechanism. If we fail to act upon the opportunities we are offered, we do not grow.

Retrograde periods of outer planets deal with our attempts to make collective spiritual transformations, usually inspired by the pressure of external circumstances. Together, we have the opportunity to re-define our collective beliefs about who we are.

Because we have five out of ten planets now presenting the illusion of retrograde motion, we must look more deeply at the illusions we have created through our collective thinking. Is there something from the past to be resolved? Could it be the entire selfish, competitive, patriarchal myth that we allow to guide our thinking? We would be wise to take a good look at old patterns of thought and actions that may be blocking our evolution.

Fortunately, planets in retrograde give us greater access to parallel lives so that we can see long-term existing patterns. This experience can cause chaos, disorientation, and a heightened and unusual multidimensional awareness. To utilize a retrograde perspective, we must make individual and collective efforts to be more objective about our purpose here on Earth. Rather than looking at everything that is "wrong" or "not working," we can simply open our hearts to new visions of possibilities for positive change.

Venus is also contributing to planetary influences that may disturb our equilibrium during this time. Following the Mars retrograde movement on April 18, Venus entered into her phase of Immersion, (named by the esteemed astrologer Adam Gainsburg), which gives us an even deeper opportunity to look inside. The Immersion phase of Venus lasts until June 5.

Venus is the light that shows us how to proceed in times of darkness. Venus's movement into the phase of Immersion is about deep decent into the dark. The planet is no longer visible on Earth, as she pulls away closer to the Sun. Without her visible light, we are drawn inward and compelled to look into the dark. This experience may cause us to feel increasing isolation and self-doubt, but it also encourages us to trust our own inner wisdom, rather than relying on others to tell us what is real or what is important. Combined with the Catalyzing energy defined in the Pleiadian-Energy system, Venus is offering us an opportunity to look at what doesn't work in order to prepare for real and significant change. Together these important influences lead us to seek what we cannot see, become catalysts for necessary change, and claim a larger reality. We can help choose what comes next!

In the Pleiadian-Earth energy system, we enter into a period of Catalyzing energy on April 23. Obviously there is an interconnected link to the Venusian period of Immersion, the Retrograde period of half of our planetary system, and the initiating energy of a new period of catalytic possibilities all coinciding at once. My suggestion to everyone interested in "what comes next" is to pay attention to what is happening now and consciously choose to help co-create it. The opportunity to examine what has brought us to where we are and to choose a different path is one that should not be missed.

If you are curious about your own personal Venus energy, your Pleiadian-Earth energy, or how to personally move through these changes to fulfill your purpose, write to me to request a personal chart. (Please see website for correct mailing address.) Please include your name, address, telephone number, best time to reach you, date and time of birth, and any personal questions you wish to be addressed. Payment may be made by check or through PayPal, as indicated on this website.

My thanks to Ariel Guttman, author of Venus Star Rising and Adam Gainsburg, author of The Light of Venus for their original and deeply meaningful understandings of Venus. I thank Alexander Ruperti, author of Cycles of Becoming for increasing my understanding of Retrograde energies.

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