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Date Truffles

Updated: Dec 24, 2019


Looking for a sweet treat that is healthy, fun, and makes you smile? Try these; you’ll be smiling all day!

Sophia’s Date Truffles (aka Little Balls of Joy)

About 1 cup of dates (I use 10 large medjool dates), pitted

1 cup of walnut halves, (slightly less if using walnut pieces)

1 Tbsp carob powder, unsweetened

unsweetened grated coconut, approx. ¼ cup

Place dates, walnuts, and carob powder in a food processor and blend until well-chopped and uniform. Mixture should stick together when pressed. Shape into bite-sized balls. Roll in grated coconut.

If the mixture is not sticky enough add more dates. Some variation is to be expected because some dates are softer than others. Medjool dates tend to be the softest and of the highest quality.

Makes about 12.

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