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Recipes for Giving Your Body a Break


Spring Cleaning often brings to mind ideas of cleaning out closets, basements, and garages. But what about cleansing our bodies after a long winter of eating heavy, warming foods? Spring is the perfect time for an internal, physical cleanse, and there are as many options for doing this as there are people interested in doing it!

As we move closer to nourishing ourselves on love, light, and water, Cullen and I are choosing to participate in either fasting or "mini-fasting" one day per week. A mini-fast can consist of eating only green apples all day (which cleanses your liver and gall bladder) or drinking only green liquid foods.

Green drinks can be made from living green foods blended together or from a non-radiated powdered form of green food (New Zealand Barley Greens is a good choice) added to water. Physically, this gives our bodies a chance to rest and to cleanse. Of course, fasting with only water or lemon and water all day gives the body an even greater break.

In the process of changing to a lighter diet one day per week, we break patterns of belief about what we think our bodies need. Mentally, we change our belief that we must have food every day in order to survive. Emotionally, we can become aware of our attachment to food and how we use it to distract us from inner work that needs to be done or to soothe emotional states.

A weekly mini-fast brings clarity, strength, and supports the merging of our light body to our physical body, as we move towards Rainbow Body form. Fasting can progress to a water only fast, if that seems appropriate to you. Pia's favorite mini-fast is New Zealand Barley Greens mixed in water. Cullen's favorite fast is water only. Along with fasting from food, we fast from words one day per week, nourishing ourselves in silence.

Our recipe for this week is to find your own way of nourishing yourself with a fast. What is it that you need to cleanse your physical, mental, and emotional systems, break your patterns, and bring you clarity? Please experiment with various types of fasting to see which supports you and your personal evolution best!

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