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Basic Beans and Rice



This meal is a basic on the Ascension Diet and can be varied according to personal taste and the seasonal availability of vegetables. If you are experiencing gas or bloating, choose lentils rather than beans until this imbalance is resolved. Gas and bloating are not just natural by products of the digestion of beans; they can also be signals that your body cannot (at the moment) easily digest beans.


Beans or lentils of any type; red lentils are particulary delicious and quick cooking

Rice - brown or basmati (best from India instead of grown in US)

Variety of colored vegetables- greens, squash, carrots, broccoli, etc.


Soak the beans overnight. (Lentils do not require soaking, typically.)

Soak brown rice overnight (basmati does not need to be soaked).

Begin cooking the beans or lentils (beans can take up to 3 hours, lentils much less time). Add sea salt. Add garlic clove and other spices such as cumin, if desired.

Begin cooking the rice (brown rice takes longer than basmati).

Wash and cut vegetables. Steam them about half an hour before rice and beans are ready. Add olive oil and sea salt or Gomasio (sesame seeds with sea salt, often found in the salt section of grocery stores) for flavor. Note that greens such as chard and kale (cut into strips) take much less time to steam.

Eat a balanced amount of vegetables with the rice and beans. Ideally the plate should be filled 1/4 with rice, 1/4 with beans, and half with vegetables. A filling and satisfying meal with endless variations!

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