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We had such a wonderful Live Conversation with Laarkmaa last week that we wanted to share a few excerpts (January 25 call). These monthly calls are typically packed with great information, but this one was particularly illuminating and powerful.

Laarkmaa began by saying:

As we promised this is the most intense time humanity has ever experienced. You moved into the final aspects of the influences of Pluto and Uranus in December on the 14th. The very last of Pluto-Uranus influences will happen in March of this year.

Thus, you have moved into the last of a series of influences that are there to promote your delving deeply into your shadows, changing whatever needs to be changed, and replenishing yourselves at the time you come out of the shadows.

But you cannot replenish yourself from a tired state…until all shadows have been brought together. You the Lightmovers are clearing out the shadows, not only for yourselves but for the collective who do not have the tools to know how to do this work. Therefore, it should be no surprise at all that you are feeling somewhat more tired or disoriented that usual.

It is not going to last indefinitely however…The most likely potentiality is that this energy will continue through the winter and by the first of April you should feel some changes….

Later in the call, one caller asked about the momentous changes on the way and what about this time that differentiates it from the most powerful times in the past [as Laarkmaa has told us], particularly because we still see so much separation around us.

What has occurred is an acceleration of changes, an increase in the planetary influences, and an increase in the availability of help from us and others–to help you make a quantum leap into a different form of reality. However, you cannot experience it and feel it as a linear progression. You are accustomed to linear progress and so you wait on what will be the next biggest and different thing.

[But] life spirals. It does not move linearly. This is why you sometimes feel you have come in a circle and why you cannot discern that when you come back around [the spiral], you are in a different place.

Additionally, the challenges are becoming increasingly large and may feel to you more and more difficult. Dynamic tension is a stretch between both extremes of polarity on a dualistic planet. This stretch arises from your concepts of me vs not me, good vs bad, and all things that you judge to be one thing versus another.

As you begin to move outside the confines of time and your judgment drops away you will simply notice different aspects and they will begin to feel to you like they are part of the whole. Before that can happen you have to reach the top of the edge of pushing through that dynamic tension through more and more darkness and more separation. This is where you are now.

The darkest time will probably come between December of last year and March of this year. That is where you are clearing out the shadows. That is where you question: Is it ever going to change? What is happening?

But it is already where you are beginning to notice places in the spiral where you notice lightness and connection and something different in your experience.

What is different, dear one, is your level of acceptance of the changes as part of the natural flow. What is different is an acceleration of the changes as they occur.

You are moving more and more into levels of feeling intense discomfort, which is giving you the opportunity to change your perceptions and to change how you deal with the discomfort you feel.

Yes, there is more and more separation, and you are experiencing it because some on this planet–in fact most on this planet–are not choosing to make the changes to move to a higher state of consciousness. That creates a greater separation and a greater tension.

At the same time, you will find times such as this moment where you are connecting with others who can say, “yes I’ve experienced that.” “Yes, I saw an unusual color I’ve never seen before.” “Yes, I did have a moment where I was dizzy and disoriented that I can’t explain.” “Yes, my body is changing and rejecting foods I used to eat and craving others.”

As you connect with others who are assimilating the new energies, you have moments of the new reality that will grow larger and larger.

So what is different is that those of you who are the light movers are grouping together as a unified entity, which has a greater and greater influence on the evolution of humanity and the evolution of ascension of the planet herself.

We know that because we are not in physical form and do not experience what you are experiencing, it may seem very discouraging to hear us say, just hold on.

But we mean it. Don’t just hold on passively. Hold on through all the movement with an open heart and a willingness to accept that you chose to be here in this time of tumult. This time of unusualness. This time of opportunity. You chose to be here for a reason. Use your energy to connect with others as often as possible so that you can become a unifed group.

We don’t mean you will become like the Borg on Star Trek–all of you thinking the same and doing the same. We mean that varying individual aspects of you will reflect back and forth to each other so you can become a more powerful unified whole to assist in the evolution of humanity into the new humans for those who wish to go. And to help the ascension of the earth and to be accepting of those who choose to go with the dynamic tension into other realms to repeat the wheel of karma on other planets.

It is a time of acceptance, a time of movement, a time of bonding together and one of the most important things that you can do is stay connected with others like you to encourage each other and to share experiences. As you share what you are experiencing, you speak light into it. You speak a way of accelerating and understanding that THIS IS REAL. Eventually that reality of which we speak will take precedence over the reality that will fade away.

Caller: In terms of reaching out—I don’t know anybody else like me outside of this group. Do you have recommendations?

Lightmovers are placed across the planet in places where others are not like you. Therefore, in your individual circumstances it may be most challenging to reach out and find others.

You do have technology that can help you. Pick up your telephone and have a voice-to-voice connection. Not internet–that leaves too much of the humanity out. But you can speak over the phone to those who you know carry energies similar to you and who have experiences such as you do.

And you have the opportunity to connect with us through these calls once a month. You can connect with others energetically during our conversation.

For physical contact–we have suggested very, very strongly that Cullen and Pia offer two gatherings where people can come together this year in a time of intense change–one in April and one in November. If it is a priority to find community, these are opportunities to do that.

You will be able to energetically, physically, and in your feeling state and mental state be in a space of love, support, and incoming energies that help and support your evolution.

These are opportunities that will be dusted with Pleiadian stardust and will accelerate how you return home to do your jobs. Each [gathering] has a different theme, and each builds on the other so that you may pick and choose according to your own life circumstance what is right for you individually.

If you wish to hear more of this latest illuminating conversation with Laarkmaa or recordings from other calls, visit our Live Call page.

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