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Live Call Recorded December 10, 2017

Topics: DNA & 12 dimensions; Government FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) concerning interstellar beings;  Simultaneous Multidimensional experiences in 3D;  Multidimensional issues living in 3D;  Parallel Community;

Respond rather than react;  Releasing techniques & old traditions; Understanding Energy around Death; Dreams;



Live Marbella Session Recorded November 25, 2017

Topics: Awakening to the power of who you are; What is my mission?; Awakening to larger perspectives; Feelings that connect us;  Interstellar beings coming to Earth; Origins of Dementia; Protection from waves of technology;  The most important shift we can make;  A new religion?

What types of meditation are helpful?


Live Cyprus Session Recorded October 4, 2017

Topics: Dark & Light; Awakening Minds; The Veil of Limitations; Dissipating Negative Energies; Structuring Water With Love; Transcending exercise; Pleiadian Language;  Toning energies; Island of Love


Live Cyprus Session Recorded September 20, 2017

Topics: Lighting the Way; Making a Difference; Healing Abilities; Raising Your Vibration; In Lak'ech; Connecting with Source; A Practical Return to Gratitude; Increasing Patience; An Invitation


Live Call Recorded September 2017

Topics: Fire and Water; Radiating Peace; Water as a Communicator; Religious Rituals; Human's Greatest Fear; 

Self-Healing; Energy & Trust; Media Misinformation; A View of Earth Changes


Live Call Recorded August 2017Topics:
Intention - Co-Creation; Body of Consciousness and Honoring the Body; Power of Choice; Lunar Eclipse Aug 7th; Solar Eclipse Aug 21st; Causes of Disease; Holy Moments; Human Electrical Experience


Live Call Recorded July 2017Topics:
True Safety; Dissolving Time; Inner Reality; Responses to Loss; Releasing Self-image; Transformative Thought forms; Shifting of Time and Space; The power of Love; Pituitary gland & Salt Water; Earth Ascension; The coming eclipse; The power of Words; Parallel Lives


Live Call Recorded June 2017Topics:

Unexpected Changes; Increasing intuition; Disclosure; Remember the Light that you Are; Limiting beliefs; Forgetfulness; Chaotic times; The gifts of Challenge; Panic; Power of intention


Live Call Recorded April 2017
Perceiving challenges as opportunities; Increasing wind on the planet; Triangles and the power of 3; Crystal bowls; Profound tiredness; Universal vs. Heart Energy; Understanding liquid time


Live Call Recorded March 2017

Topics: How to heal from another dimensions; Surrender Fear; Trust; Healing modalities for cataracts; The meaning behind dental problems; Essence of Change; Releasing what no longer serves; How to build more profound and deep relationship


Live Call Recorded February 2017

Topics: Challenges and Manifestation; the Energy of 10; Ascension symptoms; Live on Love, Light & Water; How to discover the energies of a given day; Linear vs Energy counting; Wave motion in daily practice; Get to Trust thru Gratitude; Rocking Babies; Collective Shadows


Live Call Recorded January 2017

Topics: Waveform; Relationship with Water; Being Fluid; Strange Sensations; Communicating with other realms; Climate Change and rebalancing energies; Dissipating Earth's stuck energies

Laarkmaa's Special on Community

Topics: Forming Community; Investing in Community; Money; How to choose land for Community; School in Community; Jobs in Community; Animals in Community;

Co-Creating on Earth