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Cosmic Energies


Many of you share my passion for understanding energy. My quest for this wisdom has led me to learn about energy in all forms: Pleiadian-Earth energy combinations; gravitational and magnetic influences of the planets such as Venus; the energy of colors, numbers, sounds, and movement; and thought, emotion, and our perceived third dimensional time. It's all energy.

To successfully and joyfully navigate in an energetic universe requires respect for all energy and an understanding of the power inherent in all energy. Laarkmaa has greatly expanded my understanding of energetic influences on human third dimensional experience by sharing their Pleiadian perspective.

We are living in an energetic period that has birthed a collective urge to move towards unity and cooperation in the face of all the pain, suffering, selfishness, and separation. During this time of apparent chaos and confusion, understanding the energy of Venus in her positions of Morning Star and Evening Star can help guide our choices. Venus is the planet that most closely reveals the dual nature of our experience here on Earth. Venus shows us the truth about how we are relating, which I feel is the most important element we can examine in our search for higher consciousness.

Venus is shining her bright light into the darkness of all the chaotic change we are experiencing. Other planetary bodies are magnetically and gravitationally pushing and pulling at our psyches, as well as affecting our physicality in this time of evolution. Pluto (the planet that is known for deep and profound transformation and representing death and rebirth) and Uranus (the planet known for lightening quick changes) are affecting us at every level.

We are being "helped" to change through these planetary influences. It is up to us to find the courage to use the opportunities that arise from the stress of the continual changes that are so inexplicable from our current vantage point.

Venus can help us do that. Her position of influence as Evening Star in Scorpio's realm promises to reveal all that remains hidden in shadow, if we but have the courage to look. We can no longer hide from the parts of ourselves that have kept us captive in old beliefs and old patterns of dysfunctional, separating, selfish, and fear-based behaviors. Nor can governments, religions, or financial realms continue to keep us in the dark, for their secrets, too, will be revealed in the light of Venus as she is positioned under the influence of Scorpio. We must not only wish to awaken, we must we willing to face the challenges inherent in removing the illusions to which we have been attached.

We are living in a time of continual challenge and change. The stars are

aligning in a formation that has not been present on Earth for 26,000 years, giving humanity an opportunity to make a quantum leap in conscious evolution. Interestingly, immediately following this alignment, Mercury moves into retrograde. For those of you who do not understand the symbolism (or physical effects) of Mercury's magnetic effects on Earth, this means that the planet stops forward movement in its orbit, stand stills as if to wait for something, and then moves backwards for a period of about three weeks. This backwards movement causes a "jolt" in the energies on Earth, which we experience through breakdowns in communication, transportation, and technology. Perhaps the pause in Mercury's orbit before moving backward is giving us a pause to think about what we need to change and the backward movement encourages us to unwind all the dysfunctional patterns that we are so accustomed to accepting as "normal."

If we change our thinking about what is energetically occurring, we can utilize these energies to stop destructive habits and become more conscious about what we help to create through our choices.

I hold the vision that through more conscious awareness of energy during this momentous occasion of significant planetary alignment, humanity may be shaken awake. Through the power of human choice, we have the opportunity to use these pivotal influences to create something wonderful. If you wish a more detailed look at the energies that are currently presenting, recorded messages are available.

If you wish a more in-depth understanding of your own personal energetic makeup and how that interacts with other energies, personal Pleiadian-Earth energy charts are available. But the most powerful way to understand energy is to simply experience it, and to pay attention to the qualities that you experience.

Until next time, may the energy of Venus and the energy of your own hearts guide you well.

With love and light,


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