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Diet for Ascension

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

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What is Ascension?

Laarkmaa tells us there are two ways we can ascend: through the traditional method of death or through making our physical bodies light enough to match our etheric bodies—in a Rainbow Body. This Rainbow Body is less dense and can move back and forth into physical form. In this way, we can do the work we wish here on Earth and in the universe.

How do we create a Rainbow Body?

First, we must choose this form of ascension because we desire to serve in love, not because we are afraid to die. We must eliminate fear from our systems (emotional, mental, physical) and replace it with love and trust to achieve rainbow body status.

Second, we must nurture our physical, mental, and emotional selves with love and light, eliminating all food, drink, thought, sounds, and visual stimuli that take in fear-based energy. Laarkmaa's guidance on the Ascension diet is based upon the simple concept of Ahimsa--do no harm to any living thing. The reason for this is simple: in unity, we are all connected. What I do to you, I do to myself.

Laarkmaa says that as we raise our vibration through making conscious choices, when we transition to full Rainbow body status, we will eventually sustain ourselves on three things: Love, Light, and Water.

Love - Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Love is potent enough to both energize and sustain us. When we use love to guide every thought and every action, we ourselves become love. As beings of pure love we will nurture ourselves with the energy of love.

Light - Because we are also from the stars, we must remember that we are made of light. Laarkmaa says,

"Light from the universe enters through your solar plexus; when you feel that connection, you experience joy. When you feel disconnected from universal light and from each other, your stomachs hurt. You are light beings, and as beings of light you are here on a planet of duality to bring that light into the denseness of the third dimension. When you reflect to each other who you truly are, the brilliance of that light enables you to move beyond your own limited perspectives." (Remembering Who We Are)

Water - We are water beings. Earth is made of water, and our bodies are made up largely of water. Laarkmaa says,

"When you focus on experiencing the fluid within your own bodies, your own water makeup, you will see and begin to learn that you can change your form. Water is magic. The energy of water is your teacher, because you are water. When you turn to water to learn, you are honoring the water form that carries your light body. Water cannot be controlled or polarized. Pay attention. Your water holds part of the secret of unlocking your DNA. When you enter water or drink water, do so as if you are the water and the water is you." (Conversations With Laarkmaa.)

In other words, water is sacred, and we are sacred. It is time we learn to purify the waters of our own bodies. The Ascension Diet requires that we drink pure, clean water and that we keep the waters of our bodies pure and clean through consciously choosing what we ingest (physically, mentally, and emotionally.)

As we evolve, we need a diet that supports us and bridges the way between third dimensional density and multi-dimensionality. The Diet for Ascension, based on Ahimsa, does this. No food should be chosen that causes the suffering or death of any other living creature, nor should any food be chosen that is harmful to either our light bodies or our physical bodies.

What to Eliminate From Your Diet

Essentially, the Diet for Ascension is based upon living foods, yet Laarkmaa graciously suggests that we move into sustaining ourselves with living foods slowly. Our bodies need to adjust to a new diet. The Ascension Diet eliminates these things:

  • Meat

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Processed foods

  • GMO foods, especially corn

Meat - Killing is inconsistent with nourishment. Life and death are polar opposites. Food that comes from death cannot support life. Eating meat assumes that we have the right to take a life because we are superior. Eating meat causes us to ingest the energies of fear, aggression, and competition because we are eating food that has been obtained by exercising power and control over another living being. Laarkmaa says that if we stop killing animals to eat their meat, we will stop war on the planet and within ourselves. There is no "natural order" in killing another living creature; animals learned aggression from us when we began to be afraid. You cannot support life by eating something that comes from death. It's just that simple. Science has now shown that all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body can be easily obtained without eating meat. You simply have to adjust your belief system, for it is your beliefs that cause you to think you "need" to eat meat. We do not need to terminate the lives of plants when we accept their gifts because plants are self-regenerating.

Sugar - The dark forces engineered a way to control humanity by injecting fear into the sugarcane plant. Science now knows that sugar is more addictive than cocaine or heroine and is harmful to the human body. The National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization have finally joined Laarkmaa's age old wisdom by stating that sugar is harmful to the physical body. Laarkmaa adds that it tears holes in the light body and prevents merging of the light body with the physical body to form the Rainbow Body. Natural sweets from the Earth such as fruit, honey, maple syrup, birch sugar, and stevia give us sweet flavors in a healthy way. If you reverse your preferences and eat your fruits and other natural sweets before your meal (or even better, completely separately from your meal), your digestive system will thank you. Sweet foods are quickly digested when eaten alone or before a meal. When eaten after a meal, they ferment, causing intestinal flora imbalances while waiting for the other things you have eaten to digest.

Alcohol and Caffeine - These substances alter our natural biological rhythms, either artificially slowing us down or speeding us up. Laarkmaa encourages us to eliminate alcohol and caffeine in our diet to enhance our ability to listen to our own natural rhythms, the rhythms of Earth, and the cosmic rhythms, as we move towards being universal citizens. When living within our own natural rhythms, we are able to better hear our guidance and connect to one another.

Processed Foods - Laarkmaa suggests that as we are living, energetic beings that we eat living, energetic foods. Foods that have been processed have no life force to nurture us and are often full of additives that are harmful or difficult to digest. The fresher and more full of life your food, the more full of life you will be. Choose only organic and non GMO foods, free from chemicals or unhealthy alterations or processing.

GMO Corn­- NEW INFORMATION. Laarkmaa announced in 2015 that the dark forces now use corn to control humanity. Through genetically modifying the corn plant, addictive substances and energetic fear are injected into our food in order to control humanity. Because the truth about sugar has finally been revealed and conscious people are making choices to eliminate sugarcane in any form from their diet, the dark forces now seek control of humanity through modifying corn. Corn syrup has always been harmful to human systems. Now even corn chips, xylitol sweetener, and other corn products are no longer safe. Corn has inflammatory properties, and eating it causes physical inflammation, inflammatory emotional reactions, heightened states of fear, and addiction to eating more corn. For the moment, it is safe to eat blue corn, but white and yellow are contaminated.

Leftovers - Foods begin to break down and decay once they are cooked. If you want nutrition from your foods, eat only freshly prepared foods, not refrigerated leftovers. Freezing leftovers helps to retain most of the nutritive value.

Other foods to Consider

Animal Products: Milk and Eggs - A vegan diet that does not include milk and eggs is certainly closer to a diet of Love, Light, and Water. Our love of animals as ourselves requires that we not take anything from them that is not freely given. However, these products do not take the animal's life. They may bridge the way between eating meat to eating only fresh, unprocessed, living foods.

Oils - Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic avocado oil have the most nutritive value. We need healthy fats in our diet, and these are good choices for our brains, our hearts, and our cellular function.

Gluten- This product (contained in wheat, spelt, barley, and rye) causes problems in sensitive individuals. While it is an individual issue and some may safely eat gluten, do investigate to see if you are someone who is unknowingly affected by gluten. If you are sensitive to gluten, problems with gluten may remain hidden until the damage has been done. Signals of gluten intolerance may manifest as extreme weight loss or weight gain, digestive discomfort, or neurological imbalances. Experiment with eliminating gluten from your diet and then choose according to your body's response. If you feel better not eating gluten, simply stop. There are many wonderful substitutes that promote healthier bodies without losing the tastes we like.

Soy - The effects of soy are specific to the individual, and there are potential dangers. Soy is known to suppress thyroid function. If you have low energy, hair loss, brittle nails, are always cold, have difficulty in maintaining proper weight, you may have subclinical thyroid issues. Experiment with eliminating soy and see if you feel better. If there is no difference, enjoy soy as a source of protein, as long as it is free from GMOs.

Nightshades - White potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are considered nightshades. These foods cause inflammation in the body that can show up in many ways. Some medical researchers are now saying that inflammation is the cause of most physical imbalances and many physical illnesses, including joint stiffness, cancer, autoimmune, and thyroid problems, and even weight gain. If our organs or our cells are inflamed, they can't do their jobs.

Cooked or Raw?

Whether to eat cooked or raw foods is an individual choice, but every diet should include a balance of raw foods (salads, carrots, apples, etc.) so that you ingest living enzymes in your foods. A raw food diet is certainly closer to Laarkmaa's recipe for living foods, yet lightly steaming foods also retains the life of the food. If you are ready to move to a raw diet, choose a warm season to begin the process, for it is more difficult to give the body the fuel it needs through raw foods in cold temperatures. Also notice that some foods cause problems in specific individuals: raw spinach and raw peanuts have enzymes that cause problems with digestion. Cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower) and walnuts depress thyroid function. Choose according to your own body's needs. And remember, the Diet for Ascension balances an equal amount of greens with proteins and carbs.

Pay attention to how you feel when you eat. If you discover you do not feel well eating certain foods, make different choices.

Recipes for the Diet for Ascension

In the coming weeks, we will offer some of the recipes we have enjoyed in our own journey towards the Rainbow Body. Some are vegan, and some are from the bridge point of using eggs and dairy. We trust these recipes will make it easier and more enjoyable to receive nurturance without causing harm to yourself or others.

With Love and Light,

Pia & Cullen

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