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"This book is a must for anyone looking to understand our ongoing evolutionary journey. The wisdom of Laarkmaa provides a better understanding of what is happening to humanity and the changing Earth."

          ~Brendan Bowen, Editor and Sara (Diann) Bowen, Editor, CranioSacral Therapist


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Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution and Ascension

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  • This third book in the WISDOM FROM THE STARS trilogy brings Laarkmaa’s advanced perspectives about the process of evolution and ascension. Laarkmaa speaks about how we can more smoothly move through this transformation process of evolution and ascension with grace and flow. Topics addressed in the Manual include:

    • Unity Consciousness

    • Living with Objectivity

    • Understanding Family Dynamics

    • Healing

    • Suggestions for The Ascension Diet

    • The Structure of Reality

    • The Divine Feminine & Androgyny

    • Cosmic Weather, and Manifestation  

    • The Importance of Light


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