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Throughout the universe, all energy spirals in waves; energy does not move in a linear fashion. The revolutionary Pleiadian-Earth Energy calendar contains the instructions for activating greater consciousness, through orienting to energy rather than time. 


Two pdf files are included in this purchase, a high resolution, printable file and a low resolution digital only file.


Digital Format 2024 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar



    We suggest that you take the high resolution digital file to your local xerox/printer shop to have it printed; Your printer can enlarge the file to whatever size is convenient for you. You can also have it printed on glossy paper for the interior pages with glossy card stock for the front and back covers. We have done this, and it looks exceptionally beautiful and useable.

    If you wish to use the 2024 Calendar digitally only, the low resolution file will work perfectly for you!

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