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Laarkmaa told us for months that a wave of increased positive energies would be sweeping the planet around Solstice. With our ever-hopeful vision, we were all wishing, perhaps, for super powers or spontaneous interdimensional travel! So what actually happened?

What we have noticed is a heightened sensitivity in many areas (particularly smell), increased electrical charges moving through us, and digestive changes where we are less interested in food than before.

We are also even less able to tolerate violence in general or in speech or in movies than before, and we are more likely to speak with a more positive sense of trust, in spite of apparent seemingly bleak circumstances on the planet. There is a feeling that everything is going to be ok, even though the evidence seems contradictory.

Perhaps we have stepped into having our own super powers, but we may not recognize them. Being extra sensitive, more clear and objective, and more connected electrically with our environment (we are electromagnetic beings) is super! You can listen to Laarkmaa’s perspective about what happened in the energy waves that arrived on Solstice here.

With increased kindness, compassion, and love,

Pia and Cullen

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