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I have suggested in previous blogs that the proliferation of 5G satellites in our atmosphere in low orbital patterns is literally “frying us alive.” As more and more satellites are being rocketed into position, more and more people across the globe are experiencing palpable, verifiable symptoms of radiation sickness:

· Extreme temperature fluctuations;

· Digestive Difficulties;

· Dried mucus membranes;

· Burning, dry eyes;

· Light headedness, dizziness, and physical imbalances;

· Migraine type headaches;

· Partial paralysis; and even

· Organ failure.

All of the moisture producing areas of the body are drying out, which is another example of the “frying effect” that is affecting the eyes, nose, and mouth. Many people are reporting these symptoms: dry eyes, dry nose, and dry and irritated gums. There are a myriad of similar symptoms showing up in various ways. All of these examples of abnormal physical conditions are becoming more evident each time another group of satellites is launched. With so many of us reporting the exact same symptomology directly after the reporting of new launches, it is difficult for any rationally thinking people not to connect the dots.

The harmful and pernicious effects of 5G technology are not only disturbing the natural biological rhythms of human beings, but they are also most certainly affecting all life here on Earth. The information readily available to all at this time is showing us clearly how the increasing amounts of short-wave beams of energy produced by 5G are impacting all of life. One example of this is the inability of any plant life to grow normally in the vicinity of smart electric meters that are being mandated around the world to replace safe old-fashioned analog meters. That is only one obvious example of the visible proof that the harmful short-wave producing (5G) technologies and the devices being invented and sold worldwide to connect to them are destroying life. All of this EMF producing technology is contributing to our overall decline in health, for plants, animals, and humans collectively. With every additional satellite deployed, we are affected in a much more dramatic way. This twenty-first century phenomenon is creating a medical-biological condition of dis-ease never before experienced in our long history of natural and biological equilibrium on this planet. The closest previous experience similar to the current emerging radiation-poisoning is the radiation experienced at Chernobyl, Fukushima, and other nuclear disaster sites.

If we do not both individually and collectively stand up and put a stop to this run-away technology, we will be responsible for literally “frying ourselves to death.” It’s time to stand up and speak out, working together to stop this dystopian program before it is too late.

With trust and hope,


Photo by Bill Jelen-Woff at Unsplash

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