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A member of our spiritual family in Australia composed the below poem on Solstice. We are privileged to share it with you here! Note the reference to Arcturian Commander Quantamo and the request to demolish 5G. The power of this poetic piece speaks volumes.


Great crimson rock

Long have you kept

your silent vigil;

Anchoring our planet

To the sun.

Bathed in its light,

Sometimes dull red

Sometimes bright tangerine

Dark violet, ochre yellow

or chocolate brown.

And whoever witnesses

That incredible sight,

That mysterious fiery glow

Which mirrors the setting desert sun

For a few moments

On rare and unpredictable occasions,

Will forever know

You are a sacred monument

To light,

and life,

and love.

For you now,

Amazing monolith of living stone

The audible silence of the sand hills

Has returned.

Gone are the tramping boots.

Gone are the climbers’ guide rails.

Gone are the crowds of

Suburban “mountaineers”

That marched across your face

And “conquered” your highest peak!

On that very evening of that day,

Some say,

When the tourists all went home

And the rails cemented in your face

Came down,

The Mutitjulu people watched

Their sacred mountain

Cleanse its space

With savage lightning

Such as they had never seen before,

Nor heard of in their ancient unwritten lore.

The desert people trembled

With the shock waves

Of the thunder

And their fear.

Some of the old ones no doubt,

Understood and knew

That Kali must have lent her power

to Uluru.

It seemed the end of time

Was near.

Some say, the spears of fiery light

Were hurled far as the Southern Alps, that night.

Sparking the most destructive bushfires

That Australia has ever seen.

And even those whose skins were white

Trembled at that awesome sight!

Enormous craters

Mark the landscape

Of this great southern land.

And I wonder if it was Quantamo

That long ago,

Guided in three massive meteorites

From outer space

To rid the earth of dangerous dinosaurs

And save the human race?

For to this day, they rest.

Aliens, in a line perfect and true,

Kata Tjuta,

Mt Connor and


We are deeply grateful

For your timely help

Great guardian angel.

Like you, we fight

Against the darkness

With the light.

And while we struggle

To overthrow the lies

We trust that you will clear all

Dangerous space junk from our skies.

We seek, like you

Freedom of spirit – liberty,

The overthrow of tyranny,

And the demolition of 5G.

Magical mountain of changing light:

One day, after a storm had raged all night,

I watched a thousand waterfalls

Plunging down your mountain walls,

And rivers of water

Deep as my knees

Flowed out through to the desert sand.

And as I watched you on that day,

Keeping the age old law, the Tjukurpa

Sharing all your water

With the land.

Life-giving Uluru

I will remember you!

Graham Coombs Dec 2020

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